Holiday Bazaar

When I saw Tori Spelling’s invitation to her Holiday Bazaar at her store InvenTORI, I marked my calendar and so did my sister. This was not something I was going to miss. Especially if it meant an opportunity to meet Tori!

Holiday Bazaar 1

Her store was very cute and full of vintage items. And boy, am I a sucker for vintage things!

Holiday Bazaar 2

Holiday Bazaar 3

Holiday Bazaar 4

Holiday Bazaar 5

Holiday Bazaar 6

Holiday Bazaar 7

Tori has been such an inspiration to me because of her go-getter personality. Whenever she has a dream, she works hard to make them a reality. I mean for goodness sakes…she has been a successful actress, an author of a New York Times Best Seller, a shop owner, and a wedding/event planner, all while raising four adorable children.

Holiday Bazaar 8

Holiday Bazaar 10

I hope that I can be like Tori and make my dream of becoming wedding planner and a mom my reality! So, I had to find a little something from her store to remind me to do just that…and I decided to go with the vintage bird doorstopper. I’ll place in my future office as I plan weddings for future lovebirds!

Holiday Bazaar 9

Hello December

I am one of those kinds of people who will not start spreading Christmas cheer until after Thanksgiving. I believe that Thanksgiving deserves our full attention. It’s just simply not fair to Thanksgiving to begin celebrating a holiday that doesn’t come around until after Thanksgiving passes. I’m sure I’ve got you all thinking I resemble someone like Scrooge or the Grinch who just doesn’t like Christmas…so I should probably clarify that I LOVE Christmas time and all that it entails. I just don’t begin celebrating until after Thanksgiving. So, now that Thanksgiving is over…I am ready to get into the holiday spirit! I am belting out and dancing to Christmas music, watching all of the Christmas movies (one of my favorites is Love Actually), putting up Christmas decorations, and enjoying the Starbucks Christmas cups. Here are a few pictures that have helped me get into the Christmas spirit and I hope they help you too! If you haven’t jumped on this celebratory sleigh ride yet…it’s about time because Christmas is only 25 days away!

Hello December 1

Hello December 2

Hello December 3

Hello December 5

Hello December 6

Hello December 7

Hello December 8

Hello December 9

{Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

I really do believe that this is the most wonderful time of the year!