Quest for the Best Breakfast

Last Sunday, Allie and I discovered the best French Toast we had ever eaten…which led us to our brilliant beyond brilliant idea to search for our favorite version of our favorite breakfast dishes!! Mine is Eggs Benedict and Allie’s is Blueberry Pancakes. We are going to go around to different restaurants all over the LA area and try all the Eggs Benedicts and Blueberry Pancakes out there until we find the best Eggs Benedict we have ever eaten and the best Blueberry Pancakes we have ever eaten.

This past Sunday marks our first day of our journey to find the best breakfast! We started out with none other than the famous restaurant “The Griddle.” How could we start anywhere else? I have heard so many amazing things about it’s breakfast, but I had never tried it. And boy oh boy did it set the bar high!



(^^don’t be discouraged by the moved really quickly!)


^^taking cover from the rain!



^^we made it inside…you can’t really tell but I’m drooling over everyone’s food.



Over all the years I have been ordering Eggs Benedict for breakfast (which is pretty much my entire life…so 18 years), I had yet to try it on potato skins. And that is exactly how the Griddle prepares it’s version of my favorite dish. Three potato skins, with a thick cut of Canadian bacon (so much better than the wimpy slices I sometimes get) on top, and two poached eggs. Then, the chefs drown the plate in Hollandaise sauce. Sometimes I couldn’t even see what I was cutting through it all. But, don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining.






^^first bite!!

I loved it on the potato skins for a change!! I was skeptical at first, but then pleasantly surprised. I’m not so sure if it is the absolute best version of Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten, but it sure was pretty darn good!





^^first bite!!

Now, if it were up to me…I would have named the blueberry pancakes the best pancakes I have ever eaten. I don’t think I would even have to try anywhere else. There was a dollop blueberry sour cream on top that was to die for and truly made the dish! Usually, with pancakes I can’t eat more than one because I feel like it’s the same bite over and over. But, the sour cream left me wanting more and more. Unfortunately, my yearning to finish every last bite wasn’t quite as strong as my extremely stuffed stomach. It killed me not to finish it.

However, the blueberry pancakes were not up to me to judge. (My apologies to The Griddle) Allie thought they were pretty amazing too but she wasn’t quite as convinced as I was that they were the best. So, the search continues!

Stay tuned!!





Movie Review – Argo

Argo 1

 “The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to be credible.”  

– Mark Twain

In an interview, Ben Affleck said that this movie could have never been made if it hadn’t been a true story.  He said no one would have ever believed it because the story was, simply, so unbelievable.  It is so true.  You sit through the whole movie knowing full well that they all make it out of there alive but for some reason you are sitting there in agony, grabbing onto the seat or the person next to you (Sorry, Caroline!) thinking THERE IS NO WAY… NO WAY THAT THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE IT OUT OF THERE ALIVE!

Argo 2

The movie was incredible.  The story is so incredible (Well done, Mr. Mendez!).  There is so much I could say but I don’t want to take up too much of your time.  So, I will speak to one of the scenes that really spoke to me.  (It is pictured above).

The “film crew” has made it through 2 out of the 3 airport check points, but has now been stopped and taken into a small room for further questioning by some very scary Iranians with machine guns.  It starts with a lot of YELLING.  There is a lot of lost in translation going on too, as they are yelling at them in Farsi.  The intensity is boiling rapidly at this point!  It doesn’t look like they are going to get out of that little tiny room.  That’s it, they are all going to die in that airport!

But then Joe Stafford, the “associate producer” who is fluent in Farsi, steps forward and begins to connect with the Iranians.  He starts telling them the story of Argo.  He appeals to their imagination, their curiosity, their sense for adventure and fantasy, and maybe even appeals to their childish side.  He shows them the pictures and makes noises and sound effects of explosions and flying objects.  The mood lightens.  He has made them believe.  He connected with them as human beings on a human nature level… and saved all of their lives.

This is what Hollywood does best. This is why they are so powerful and influential.  Their ability to connect with human beings.  The movies, music, tv shows that they produce connect with our souls, our emotions, our dreams, our sense for adventure, our hearts. They have hooked us.  More to come on this in a future blog post.


Argo 3

Dear Ben,

I have a very special place in my heart for you and Matt Damon.  I like to think of you two as my homeboys from Boston.  Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies.  I went to go see The Town, in theaters a few years ago, and I remember at the end of the movie, one little tear stream down my face because I was so proud of you.  I felt like you “got your groove back”…like Stella did.  And now after Argo, it is safe to say that you have found your groove/place/calling in Hollywood and in life.  There is nothing more exciting than that!  BRAVO!

Your homegirl, Allison

P.S. Alright yes, I stole the Dear Ben idea from JLO’s This is me… then album!  Sorry to bring her up.


And now, an Acting Lesson from Ben Affleck…

Argo 6

There is a scene in the movie where Tony Mendez is giving the hostages their cover stories or “characters”.  He tells them…

“These cover identities were created specifically for each one of you. What you need to do is memorize everything that’s inside. Who you are, what you are, where you’ve been, complete bio.”

Side Note: As actors, you need to know your character’s bio.  Just like you yourself would know your full name, your birthday, your parents’ names, where your were born, religion, etc… Information that you don’t think twice about.  It is who you are.  The facts.


“And then add to that; where do you vacation, what are your allergies, who you had an affair with. The only way this works is if you believe that you’re these people so much that you dream like them.”

This is the most important part of an actor’s job!  This is the KEY to making your characters come to life.  IT IS ALL THE OTHER STUFF.  THE STUFF THAT MAKES YOU TICK.  OUR JOB IS TO CREATE A HUMAN BEING… NOT A CHARACTER.  These insights will influence behavior.  We get to use our imagination.  It is our job to create truthful behavior.  For the 6 hostages, it was life or death.  For us, it is career or no career.

Rating: A+

* Photo 1, 2, 3, 4 *

Reel Stories Film Festival 2013

Despite how tired Hannah, Natalie and I were on Friday night, we managed to force ourselves to attend Pepperdine’s fourth annual film festival! And I am so glad we did!!

Had we waited a second longer to make our way into the ticket line, I’m not sure we would have seen the feature presentation that we wanted to. Luckily for us, when we approached the table, there were exactly three tickets left!


Once we scored our tickets, we had a little bit of time to kill before the movie started, so we headed over to the photo booth!

photo-2 copyedited

(Don’t worry…after seeing these pictures, I got my bangs trimmed the next day!)

Then, there was a bit more time to kill. So, we decided to take part in the identity tapestry. You are probably asking yourself what an identity tapestry is…so let me explain. There was a blank wall with statements attached to a peg that was sticking out from the wall. To create the tapestry, each participant was to take a ball of yarn and string their yarn around each statement that he or she associated with. Some of the statements on the wall included “I love my family,” “I like to try new things,” “I love my life”, “I am fortunate”, etc. I happened to run out of yarn on the “I love my life” statement, which is a pretty good one to end on if you ask me!




And then it was time to take our seats, sit back, relax, and enjoy the selected student films and feature presentation!


For our feature presentation, we chose to see Searching for Sugarman. The documentary describes a South African man’s quest to uncover the mysterious disappearance of Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a singer, whose music made it big in South Africa (unbeknownst to him). In South Africa, Rodriguez was as famous and as popular as the Beatles or Bob Dylan. However, in America, he sold maybe six copies of his record. Because Rodriguez didn’t know he was successful, he decided to give up on his dream to make a career out of making records to live a modest life in Detroit. But when no more records made their way to South Africa, it seemed as though he had dropped off the face of the earth. Some South Africans believed he lit himself on fire, others believed he shot himself. And others were determined to discover just how he died. One man in particular began investigating Rodriguez’s death…only to find that Rodriguez is alive!

Here is the trailer:

And thanks to the recognition this documentary brought him, Rodriguez now has another opportunity to make impression on Americans because he made the line up for California’s huge music festival – Coachella! Hopefully, this time America will catch on to his brilliance. I can’t even imagine the excitement he must be feeling.

Searching for Sugarman is an amazing story, and if you have the chance to see the documentary, I highly recommend it! If you don’t trust my word…Searching for Sugarman was nominated for an academy award. So, there. Go see it!