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Spring Break

I just finished my last class of the day. And that means…I AM OFFICIALLY ON SPRING BREAK! That, also, means I am exactly halfway through my second semester of my freshman year of college! WHAT?! I know…I can hardly believe it myself.

My spring break happens to fall on the same week that my sister, Emily, is going to New York for a show in order to buy clothes to sell in her boutique. My mom always goes with her too. So, I am joining them in New York for the first part of my spring break! And then, I’ll be going back to Georgia for the last couple days of break. I am so excited!!

And always, on every break from school, I am also excited to eat food that isn’t from the  cafeteria, sleep in my own bed, shower without shower shoes, and spend time with my family!

I’ll be spending the rest of the day belting out this song….

And packing!

Here are a few pictures of New York that have made me impatient to wait until tomorrow to get there:





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I wish each and every one of you a HAPPY WEEKEND!

Dear Marilyn


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Dear Marilyn,

I have loved getting to know you this past week.  It has been an honor.  My perception of you has certainly changed.  I admire and adore you.  You are an inspiration to me.  You conquered this crazy industry and were at the top.  You made it.  I just wish that you didn’t have to fight so much pain as a result.  I feel like I want to write a song for you…

“Goodbye, Norma Jean.  Though I never knew you at all.  You had the grace to hold yourself, while those around you crawled.  Goodbye, Norma Jean from a young man girl in the 22nd row who sees you as something more than sexual… More than just our Marilyn Monroe.”  Oh wait, I didn’t write that.  Thank you, Elton. 

Love, Allison

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