Sunday Funday

After one of the most delicious Sunday brunches, Allie and I headed over to Underwood Family Farms!

There is a little shop at the front of the farm with all of their homegrown fruits and vegetables that you can buy. Or if you would rather pick your own…you can do that too! We chose to pick our own because well, it is way more fun that way!

Farm 1

Farm 2

Farm 3

Farm 5

Farm 4

Farm 6

^^A cow stamp was our ticket inside…how cute is that?!

Before heading out to the fields, we stopped to say “hi” to lots of cute animals!

Farm 8

^^Poor Allie just missed the cut off!

Farm 12

^^Meet Steve and Irwin!

Farm 11

Farm 13

Farm 14

Farm 10

Farm 15

Farm 16

^^These chicks and this baby sheep were my favorites!

And then we began picking our own strawberries! Fresh fruit is one of my favorite things to eat. And I have become more appreciative of fresh food since coming to college. (At school, I swear they put sugar on or something on the fruit served.) So, I was so excited for our Sunday Funday adventure to pick the freshest of the fruit…straight from the farm! And, boy, were those strawberries yummy!

Farm 17

Farm 18

Farm 19

Farm 20

Farm 21

Farm 22

Farm 23

Quest for the Best Breakfast: Saddle Peak Lodge

In last week’s “Quest for the Best Breakfast” post, I mentioned that I had heard of a place that serves their Eggs Benedict dish on a croissant! It all sounded like a dream. So, of course, Allie and I had to make that dream come true!

Yesterday, we headed over to that place tucked away in Malibu Canyon called Saddle Peak Lodge.

Saddle Peak Lodge 7

Saddle Peak Lodge 9

Saddle Peak Lodge 10

Saddle Peak Lodge 1

Saddle Peak Lodge 2

Saddle Peak Lodge 3

And it is true. They serve their Eggs Benedict dish on a croissant. With bacon. Not just Canadian bacon…real bacon. I could not wait to try it out, and it definitely did not disappoint me! I mean, how could it have?

Saddle Peak Lodge 4

Saddle Peak Lodge 6

And Allie ordered the Banana French Toast (are we seeing a pattern??)!

Saddle Peak Lodge 5

I liked the Polo Lounge’s Banana French Toast better.

But, both dishes were delicious! Especially the Eggs Benedict. I have a good feeling about this one! But, I still have a couple more weeks until I decide who the Eggs Benedict winner is. Each week seems to get better and better…let’s see if Saddle Peak Lodge’s dish will make it until the end!

Stay tuned!

The Little Things

It’s the little things in life like…


(Photo Credit)

Freshly sharpened pencils

Sleeping in your own bed after you’ve been away

A new Martha Stewart Wedding magazine

When I arrive just as the shuttle is pulling up

Video-chatting dates with my family

…that make me smile just a little brighter!

I hope each and every one of you have a very happy weekend!