Sunday Funday

Even though it was the Sunday before finals week, I did not want to spend my last Sunday Funday with Allie cooped up in my room studying my brains out. So, we came up with a much better idea. We decided I could study my brains out at the beach! And we brought Hannah along with us. (We missed Natalie – she had lots of work to catch up on).

We started off the afternoon at our favorite sandwich place!

Finals Beach Day 1

Finals Beach Day 2

Finals Beach Day 3

^^Hannah and I both had this delicious barbecue pulled pork with coleslaw sandwich

Finals Beach Day 4

^^And Allie had the Roast Turkey, with cranberries and mixed greens…so yummy (I had a bite)!

Then, we headed to the beach! And studying for finals on the beach does make the studying a bit more enjoyable…I thought it was impossible to make studying for finals better in any way.

Finals Beach Day 5

And finally, we rewarded ourselves for studying hard with some frozen yogurt!

Finals Beach Day 6

Finals Beach Day 7

I can’t believe the year is really coming to an end. And I really am going to miss Sunday Fundays with Allie! Sundays won’t be the same without her.


While I am counting down the days until school is out for the summer, there is one thing that makes me want the days to go by a little bit slower – I’m not ready to say goodbye to my girls. This weekend, it hit us pretty hard that we were going to have to live apart for about 4 months. We have become so close and I am not sure what in the world I am supposed to do without my girls! We decided we are going to do our best to make the most out of every last spare moment we have (when we aren’t studying for finals).

So, on Saturday night, we dragged Natalie’s mattress into our room for a movie night and sleepover!




It was so much fun! And I really am going to miss nights like these over the summer.

The Little Things

It’s the little things in life like…


The view of the ocean from campus (I still can’t get enough!)

My professor hosting lunch at his house for our last class of the semester

Finishing the last class of my freshman year (Okay…that’s not exactly a little thing. More like a BIG thing. But it makes me happy!)

Ordering in Take Out and having a movie night with Hannah and Natalie

Finally being able to wear my Nanny’s bracelet again after getting it repaired

…that make me smile a bit brighter!