A Few Videos To Warm Your Heart

Recently, I stumbled upon a couple videos that really touched me and warmed my heart. And I just had to share them with you!

Have you guys seen the video of this little guy who doesn’t want to eat any more animals? It is so cute…and a little sad at the same time! A few tears definitely welled up in my eyes. The innocence of a child just always amazes me.

Or how about this tearjerker video of a teenager who doesn’t have much longer to live yet finds a way to smile brighter than anyone else in the room? I just fell in love with the Sobiech family and  Zach’s outlook on life. I think it is something we all strive for. He is one amazing kid. And a talented songwriter too!

I thought I would also post Zach’s touching song for you to listen to. It is so sweet.

And even though he has now gone to a better place, I know that he continues to live on through his music and through the impact he has made on so many lives including my own. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Sobiech family.

Road Trip

Every year, twice a year, we make the 24-hour drive up to Nantucket from Georgia in two days. And out of the thousands of times we have made this trip, this time was the first time just my mom and I made the trip together! We were pretty excited about it!

My dad helped us pack the car up…and he has become a professional at figuring out how to puzzle everything into the car. This time, I don’t even think there was anymore room for a deck of cards!

Road Trip 2


Then, we were on our way!

Road Trip 6

We made a stop a couple hours in at a Starbucks near our family friends. Because a road trip would not be complete without Starbucks! And we decided to make a visit out of it and our friends came to meet us! It was so much fun catching up with them and it helped spice up the long drive!

Road Trip 11

Road Trip-Starbucks

There was also a Chickfila right across the street from the Starbucks, so I picked up my last chicken biscuit that I’ll eat for probably about a year! I’ll miss those lots.

Road Trip 4

Then, we stopped at a mall for lunch…and since my dad wasn’t tagging along in the car, we got to fit in a little bit of shopping!

But, then we had to get down to business and finish day one of the drive.

We stopped in Maryland. And the next morning we jumped back in the car and made a straight shot for our ferry! The second day is always more exciting because we know that by the end of the day we will be on Nantucket.

On the second day, we saw a bunch of old-fashioned cars!

Road Trip-Car 2

Road Trip-Car 1

And after many hours, we finally made it to Nantucket!


Our first stop…before even going home…was Lola Burger! It serves the best burgers I have ever had. And last year, they closed for the season. But, they are back in action and I couldn’t be more excited!

Road Trip 5

We are so happy to finally be on Nantucket. My favorite place in the world.

Braves Game

I am a huge Red Sox fan, but the Braves have always been my second favorite team. I have lived in Atlanta for most of my life and the Braves were my grandmother’s favorite team! She called them “her boys”. So, for that reason alone…they have a special place in my heart.  (The Red Sox will always be my absolute favorite though.)

Anyway, Friday was my last day in Georgia for a pretty long time and I spent it at Turner Field with Colin and his dad! But, this experience wasn’t just your typical baseball game experience. Colin’s dad works for Suntrust and was able to get tickets in The Suntrust Club seats. Which is located right behind home plate. And they were sweet enough to invite me along!

There was only a net between the players and us. (I kept flinching every time a ball was hit back towards the net…somehow the net didn’t make me feel totally safe from a Drew-Barrymore-Fever-Pitch concussion.)  But, being that close, closer to the field than where we sat at our high school baseball games, was just incredible.

photo 3edited

They had servers that brought you drinks and food per your request.

photo 1-1edited

photo 2-1edited

And my friend, Ellie, caught us on TV a couple times!

photo 4edited

photo 5-1edited

Even though the Braves lost that game, I had such an amazing time and it was a great way to end my few weeks in Georgia! Thank you Colin and Mr. Szabo for letting me tag along!