“Swiss Watching”


Remember way back to the beginning of my sophomore year, I had only lived in Switzerland for a couple weeks, and I wrote about some of the little differences I had noticed about my life living in this new country in comparison to America? Well, I learn something new about this country every day and I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve learned or observed since those first couple weeks after moving here.

  1. Not every Swiss cheese has holes.
  2. It’s roughly twice the size of New Jersey.
  3. The Swiss usually always make conversation in elevators, whereas in America we usually tend to say nothing more than hello and stand there in silence.
  4. I didn’t actually notice this one until I went back to America for winter break. I guess it was an out of sight out of mind kind of thing. Anyway, I was sitting down to eat my first meal back in America and into my cup poured a couple ice cubes. My eyes widened and I realized that I had gone 4 months without a single one. Apparently, they don’t exist in Switzerland or Europe, for that matter. (Along with air conditioning…except I noticed that one almost immediately.)
  5. Swiss time means 5 minutes early. Dad, this is your country, your people. (He sets his watch 5 minutes fast so that he is never late.)
  6. The Swiss train system is on time to the SECOND. It’s really rather amazing.
  7. They use military time. So, don’t say to your friend “meet me at 7 o’clock at Sheep’s Café” when you have a dinner date in mind because you’re about to be 12 hours late to your breakfast date.
  8. Crossing the road. If there is no traffic light for the crosswalk, the Swiss don’t hesitate even a little bit to walk right out into the middle of the crosswalk confident that the oncoming car will stop for them. And they do…they always stop. But because I’m American, I still hesitate just a little bit by slowing down before plunging out into the middle of the crosswalk and I look at the driver to see if they see me. If they see me, then, I’m 100% sure they will stop. In America, you could be standing on the side of the street making eye contact with every single driver that passes you by and maybe the 5th person you make eye contact with stops for you. I seemed to forget about this when I was back in America for winter break. I was walking along with my mom and I slowed down when I approached the cross walk, and once I made eye contact with the driver who was coming around the corner I walked right out. I didn’t realize how badly that could have ended until I noticed that my mom was no longer walking next to me and instead was still standing on the sidewalk giving me a look of “um are you trying to commit suicide?!” Luckily, the driver was going slowly enough that it was a happy ending. Yay.

Stay tuned for more…

(Photo Credit: Sarah Tucker)

The Atlanta Gift Show 2014!

Hello from Atlanta!  Patty and I just finished up a successful trip to the Gift Mart to stock up on goodies for next year!  It’s hard to believe that we are buying for Milly & Grace’s 5th season!  Where has the time gone?  It just seems like yesterday that we were gearing up to buy for our very first year.  We were nervous, confused and didn’t know where to begin.  Now we have it down a little more and I’m really excited about all the new things we found.  Ok, so here’s a few of our favorites….

Now don’t you all roll your eyes at once, but we picked up a dog toy and accessory line called Harry Barker. (Great name, right?!) Obviously Miss Ivy inspired me to branch out into the pet market.  I couldn’t resist.  And plus, the starfish dog toys are perfect for Nantucket!
harrybarkerI’m over the moon about the new pillows we picked up.  So many great colors and patterns to choose from!  I am personally loving all shades of blues/indigos that are on trend right now.
pillows2pillows1Year to year, we like to reinvent ourselves as much as we can without losing sight of what we are known for.  So while we will have some of our staple go to candles, we picked up some new (and colorful) styles too!candlescandles2My most favorite new home item for next season are these bad boys… Wooden martini glasses.  Hello!!  I think a Pink & Gray is going to taste especially good in one of these!woodmartiniThe company also makes great cutting boards and trays.  I think the cheeseboard and knife set is the perfect gift!woodcuttingboardI’ll end with 2 of my favorite pieces of wall art from Sugarboo.  Sugarboo is such a happy company and we love everything they stand for!  How perfect will this be hanging in Milly and Grace?!SugarbooAnd this is the best reminder:sugarboo2I have one more new item that I want to share with you all but it will have to wait until next time.  It deserves it’s own post.  Until then!!

Same Page Monday

How is everyone feeling?!  What’s going on?  How’s your MLK Monday?  My Monday has been wonderful, thank you for asking.  Ok… Let’s get on the Same Page… there are just a few things!

1.  I wish I was at the Sundance Film Festival this week.  SNOW, COZY WINTER CLOTHES, HOT CHOCOLATE AND MOVIES!!  SOUNDS PERFECT. RIGHT?  Who wants to come with me next year?? Look at Kate Hudson looking all gorgeous.


2.  I had lunch this past week right next to two Hollywood legends, Bette Midler and Mel Brooks.  The Paparazzi also joined us for lunch too.  I overheard Bette saying she wished she would have done her hair and makeup!


That’s my head in the right hand corner.  :)

3. Just in case you were sick of searching for things to watch on Netflix Streaming, here are two awesome movies I just watched… LOVED both!

Netflix Streaming

4.  Some mean Broncos fan posted this on Facebook last and I watched it and it was too soon… SO SAD!! But this was kinda funny… but not funny. NEXT YEAR, BRADY.  Hopefully, you and the team will be more in sync…

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