Same Page Monday

It’s Monday..

1.  Kate Middleton has another Royal bun in the oven!  Will & Kate are expecting baby number 2!  She is not far along but they had to announce because she had a to cancel public appearances due to the bad morning sickness she gets from pregnancy. :( Hope she feels better!  Love them!  (I hope it’s a girl!)

Will, Kate and George

2.   I re-watched Legend of The Fall this weekend.  Seriously kills me every time.  My heart feels like its being ripped out.  Brad really gave an incredible performance.   Love that movie.   Caroline, you need to watch it!!  (You also need to watch Strictly Ballroom.)  She keeps asking me about movies to watch on Netflix… it is so overwhelming when you get on there… I could spend hours scrolling through!  I’ll try to gather my favorites and must watches for you!   Expect a post on that… soonish.


3.  Haven’t had dates the last two days.  I feel all out of whack.  I need my dates!!  (Refer down to the previous post to read more about my predicament..) See, I really am bringing you up to date and on the SAME PAGE with all really important stuff.

4. The Ravens finally terminated Ray Rice after video surfaced of the assault… where he knocks out his wife and drags her out of the elevator.  I mean, C’MON MAN!!!  He should be banned for life from the NFL but I am sure the Raiders will take him.  Too soon for a joke?  (Sorry, Turner Family.)

5.  Went to the dentist this morning.  No cavities.  I feel really good about myself.

6.  I love Jimmy Fallon!  Here’s a clip of him and Adam Levine singing impressions… Adam blew me away!  Who knew!?

7.  Caroline came and visited me Sunday morning for a little Sunday Funday!  She has been so busy with school.  It was just so cute that my little sister came to see me!!! I just love having her back!!  It was amazing.  We didn’t take a pic or a selfie or an Instagram or make a blog post out of it.  Crazy.

8.  I feel like I should leave you with something inspirational… something to ponder about…



Oooooohhhh…. Kinda scary to think about?!?!  Ok, think about it.

Happy Monday!


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Maca – “You’re Maca-ing Me Crazy!”

Note: I try to use “maca” a couple times throughout this post (prime example: the title) and it really doesnt work or make sense but just go with it…

About 4 months ago, if you would have asked me what maca was, I would have probably said, “What the maca are you talking about?!”… Now, I have it in my smoothie every morning before my workout.  I love it!

Maca is an energizing superfood that is considered to be “The Fountain of Youth” amongst Peruvian natives for centuries.


It gives you a boost of energy and an increase in mental focus!  It supplies iron and helps to restore red blood cells.  Maca keeps your bones and teeth healthy, and can help to keep your skin clear!  It can also relieve menstrual cramps and help with menopause.  It is rich in Vitamin C, B and E.  These are just a few of its many benefits!

So, I am bringing you a quick smoothie recipe inspired by a smoothie from my smoothie place that’s around the corner from me… where I first discovered maca.  So I bring to you, the “Wake Me Up Before You Go – Go Smoothie”!


 Ingredients: 1 cup Almond Milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tsp Maca, 2 Dates (pitted), 1 Shot of Espresso


Maj Side Note: I am ALSO obsessed with dates.  I have them in my smoothie every morning too.  I am currently having a little bit of a panic attack because my date lady at the Farmers Market won’t be back until the new harvest in October.  Which means I am DATE – less… DATELESS… no not like that… that’s a whole other story… I mean I am DATELESS for the dates that I can’t live without… my Extra Fancy Medjool Dates!!  (Oh gosh, wow, I am so LA right now.  I kinda feel sick about it.)


Be sure you pit the dates before adding them to the blender!


Brew a shot of espresso and then let cool before pouring into blender.  You can do the “MACArena” while you are waiting… Heeeeeyyy, MACArena!


Blend away!!  Add ice or more frozen banana if you like a thicker consistency.

I just added ice cubes at the end to make it cold!  Kinda like an iced coffee!



NOTE: Some people react differently to Maca.  My friend at the gym is very sensitive to it!  Be sure to test it out and read about the side effects.  Don’t eat if you are pregnant.

NOTE:  It is named “Wake Me Up Before You Go – Go” because the espresso and the maca together will make you do just that!

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Labor Day weekend!  Today is a day you get to celebrate all your productive/hard work you’ve done so far this year!  Kick up those feet, pour yourselves a glass of wine and toast to you!


I feel like this is also a time to reflect.  To acknowledge all the ups and downs of the first half of the year and realize that you get to change whatever it is you don’t like!  Isn’t that amazing??  (Or if you can’t… you can always change your PERSPECTIVE!!  WHAT?  I know, I’m talking crazy.)

Plot Twist

 ^This made me laugh :)

Today also marks the beginning of Season 2 of 2014!  And I believe it to be the most wonderful time of the year!  I truly feel like all is right in the world, once again, with the start of the football season (Bizzare, I know, but oddly true for me.).  Season 2 is also the season of bouquets of newly sharpened pencils (which no one actually ever does with the exception of my dear friend Martha), pumpkin spice lattes (but can’t drink those because everyone ruined all the fun with the articles on how bad they are for you and how there isn’t even pumpkin in the ingredients), the crisp Fall air (that rarely makes an appearance in LA), cozy sweater and scarf weather (which I never get to wear because I live in LA)… I have a lot to look forward to!! ;)

I am really excited because there is a sense of movement in the industry that slows down over the summer and I feel it picking up.  The town is reenergized from the summer and the creative juices are flowing!  I really have a good feeling about the path I am on!  So I am going to toast to that… to following your bliss!

Follow your bliss and the universe will open up doors for you where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell – AMEN!


I actually just came across another quote that I think is truly important and is rare for people (I am talking about myself) to own… so here’s a toast…. Know the power of your words.  Know the power of your body.  Know the power of your mind.

Oh and I love this…



I am in a very inspired/get inspired mood!  Happy Monday!