In Front of the Ivy: My Favorite Summer Color Combo

This is the inaugural post of a new series… In Front of the Ivy. (Title inspired by Between Two Ferns by Zach Galifinakis.)  Here I will share with you some of my favorite things from Milly & Grace!
ColorCombo-Blue&White Blue & white: A classic color combination.  It also happens to be very on trend right now.  It seems like every fashion and home magazine I pick up is featuring this color combo.  You can tell from my instagram that I’m partial to blue & white these days. 
Ok let’s get down to business.   If you haven’t already tried a white earring, you have to.  It is a great summer look – especially when you are tan.  White earrings actually make you look tanner!   I’m loving these white & blue earring by Dannijo.IMG_9853Need a pop of color with a white dress?  This is your answer: A blue clutch with a white closure by Kayu! IMG_9874
ColorCombo-Blue&White2What do you know… The Love Shack Fancy dress made an appearance!  I bet you are thinking…obsessed much??  Yes. Yes I am.  This blue & white tie dye is just too pretty!
BlueandWhiteI’m in the processes of trying to decorate my house in blue & white.  It’s taking me forever to make decisions.  But the good news is that home decor vendors are all over blue & white right now – like this blue & white pillow from Lacefield. Hopefully it will inspire me to speed things along. Check out some more of our blue & white pieces on the Milly & Grace online boutique!
IMG_9944Can you tell I can’t resist anything blue & white tie die??  A scarf is such an easy way to incorporate this color combo into your life.
IMG_9917I’m going to make a bold prediction. I think tie dye is going to make a big come back next summer season. We’ve seen touches of it this season but I think we are going to see more of it next year. I’ll report back in January after I go to the summer market!IMG_9930Thanks for being such a cute model Caroline!!IMG_9925


Happy 20th Birthday Caroline!

CarolinebdayHappy Birthday Little Caroline!! We can’t believe you are 20!!  Well…actually we can.  You’ve been acting like you were 20 since you were 12.Carolinebday4You were such a cute kiddo!!  The cutest ever actually.  We used to fight over who got to hold you.  Carolinebday1Being the youngest, we know you probably had to put up with a lot.  We hope that you didn’t feel like you had to grow up too fast because you had older sisters to keep up with.  Believe us… you were right on our heels!!Carolinebday6You are the most put together person we know. You got straight A’s AND won Best Dressed in high school!
Carolinebday2You are always so elegant and so poised!Carolinebday5We are so incredibly proud of you.  We can’t believe that you studied abroad for a year!  It was so impressive to watch you appreciate that opportunity and navigate yourself through so many European cities!!carolinebday10You also have the biggest heart.  You think about everyone’s feelings before you think about your own. You make everyone feel so special.  (Like when you cried when Emily was trying on wedding dresses!)Carolinebday7You have such a good head on your shoulders.  Thank you for always being the best sounding board and giving such good advice.  You are always there when we need you!Carolinebday3
Sometimes we forget that you are just our little sissy.  When we grow up, we want to be just like you!!  Happy Birthday!!!! xoxo

A Lovely Summer Evening!

It’s evenings like this that remind me why I live here.  And why the rugged island winters are worth it!  
SummerEve2 SummerEve3 SummerEve4Summer5SummerEve6aSummerEve8SummerEve9SummerEve10Summer.  I’m so happy you are here!