Same Page Monday

Well hello everyone… It is Monday and I am really happy that it is Monday!  I have had a crazy last two weeks.  And I feel this week, I might have some time to get back on track with some of the old things I used to do.. like blogging, working out, going to bed at a normal hour… which I have to say sounds very, very exciting to me!

So let me get you on the Same Page…

1.  I freakin loved Caroline’s Wedding Wednesday post last week… I loved that goldish/yellow/honey color!  I loved everything about it and how adorable was that little boy.  She really has an eye for weddings.  That’s why I didn’t even try to do an inspiration board when I filled in for her!!  Well done, Cezzie Face!

2.  Emily was out of town this past week for a Hollister family wedding… which meant that Pom Pom had to puppy sit Puppy Girl, Ivy!!!  We all got updates from Pom Pom on how Ivy was doing.. look at how happy she was with her Pom Pom.  Pom Pom obviously spoiled her rotten!


3.  The reason why things have been crazy for me the last few weeks is because I recently jumped on board with an amazing team of artists to help start their production company.  Last week, we shot a piece for a series they have been producing called Out The Box.  Now, this series, and probably everything we produce, does not exactly go along with the Milly & Grace brand… but I believe that it does because the same amount of heart and soul that goes into everything that we do goes into everything we do with Lineage… the passion… the compassion… the artistry… is so much that I can’t even begin to explain.  I am proud to be a part of this team.  Can’t wait to share more with you!




4.  George Clooney got married this weekend.

5.  Bill Clinton became a Grandfather this weekend.

6.  I am the worst sister ever because I rain checked Sunday Funday with my little sister yesterday.

7.  Isn’t it the worst thing ever when you don’t learn your lesson the first time or the second time or the third time.  Ugh.  Got it now.  (I think/hope.)

8.  That’s it for now!!  Let’s regroup here next Monday… xoxo

Wedding Wednesday

I am back again… bringing you a special Wedding Wednesday!!  THE WORST MOST INTERESTING CELEBRITY WEDDING LOOKS EVER!!!  I don’t want to be cruel about these ladies’ special days…. so I think INTERESTING is a better word.

NOTE: There was a common theme… they all had the worst most interesting head pieces/veils/crowns/bouquets ever!!!


Photo Credit

Melania Knauss…there are just no words for her veil.


Photo Credit

I hate putting you on here, VB!! I love her style, but that hair and crown and bouquet and no smile is killing me.


Photo Credit

Mariah Carey.


Photo Credit

Kim’s diamond necklace didn’t fit over her head so she wore it on her forehead…


Photo Credit

And finally, I leave you with… Emma Thompson…


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Same Page Monday


I have one thing for you today.  It’s all I can handle today.

I had a very traumatizing moment this morning at the gym.

I got an ear plug stuck in my ear!!!!!!   I thought I was going to have a panic attack!!!!!  Ok, I did have a panic attack!!!

LUCKILY, after a few minutes of panic (like this can’t be happening, I have 10 million things I need to do today and going to the ear doctor to have them fish out a piece of foam from my ear is not on the list, where will I even go to have something like this done… surely not my dentist or women’s doctor) and then after trying to get it out myself, our amazing receptionist tweezed it out of my ear with tweezers.

I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Marissa for saving my life today.

At the Tracy Anderson Studio we do dance cardio… we dance our butts off (literally and figuratively)!  They blast the music so loud and my spot is right in front of the speaker… and I really don’t want to be deaf by the time I’m 35, so I thought it would be a good idea to wear ear plugs.  But that is so uncool.  I didn’t want to have big ear plugs sticking out of my ears…so I had this “brilliant” idea to cut them in half!  It had been working for the last month and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, today, one decided that it wanted to slide alll the into my ear hole.

Needless to say, I think I’ll just be going deaf by the time I’m 35.  Major fear of ear plugs now.

Happy Monday! XO