My Thanksgiving vicariously lived through Pinterest

The Ott’s are all going to be celebrating Thanksgiving apart this year. :(  I am so sad.  This also means that I won’t be cooking up a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with them either.  I kept seeing all these recipes on Pinterest the other night that I won’t be able to make!  So I am sharing them with you… Here are my must have recipes for Thanksgiving… courtesy of Pinterest and fellow bloggers.

The Glitter Guide posted an elegant DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape idea…  I love this centerpiece because it’s not your typical Thanksgiving orangey and yellow colors!  And I love the gold accents!  This is how I would have set the table….


Doesn’t this turkey look divine? Roast Turkey with Black Truffle and White Wine Gravy.


I love Martha Stewart’s Simple Stuffing… I always add cooked sausage to this recipe!


Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without Sweet Potatoes Casserole… with little marshmallows on top!


Call me crazy… but I have to have this jello salad as a part of my Thanksgiving dinner!  It’s better than cranberry sauce.  Thank you to the Wald family for introducing it to us Otts.


This has been a recent addition to my Thanksgiving must haves… Corn Souffle. Oh, so yummy.


Photo Credit

Did anyone notice that I did not include a healthy, green vegetable dish??? No green beans or brussels sprouts or spinach?? I say, “no, thank you” to those in my imaginary Thanksgiving!

And don’t worry… I definitely did not forget dessert!  I have to have apple pie!  Milly would always whip up apple and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving!

This apple pie recipe is courtesy of Robyn Stone from Add a Pinch!


Why isn’t today Thanksgiving ?!  I’m hungry….

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish??

Tracy Anderson’s Pumpkin Roll

Tracy Anderson’s Pumpkin Roll.  Kinda sounds like the name of one of her new, crazy muscle structure moves that gets rid of our “pumpkin rolls” after Thanksgiving… but it’s not.  It is actually one of her new recipes on her blog!


You wouldn’t normally think that a workout guru and desserts would go together (without the words “SAYS DO NOT EAT” in between), but they do with Tracy Anderson! That’s one of the many reasons why I love her.  If you sign up for her email updates, you will receive workout tips, recipes and more!

This recipe came in an email with the subject; Healthy Treats Without Tricking Your Body!  I obviously clicked on it right away.  The email was about how the holiday season is coming up, and that there are ways to enjoy treats without totally derailing our diet and workout goals.  The idea is to eat treats in moderation, as well as to eat treats that are not processed and full of preservatives.  Totally doable and realistic.  Right?  To prove it’s possible, she and her amazing chef, Megan, came up with a gluten-free pumpkin roll!

The pumpkin roll looked so delicious, that I decided to try it out!


I admit… I am not a food stylist.  I was trying to make everything look cute!  I added this pumpkin decoration that, in the moment, I thought looked good, but then afterwards, I realized it looked… odd.  Sadly, it was too late and was carried on throughout the whole baking process!  See…



It’s not like it was already sitting there for my Fall decorations.  I moved it around.  I even brought it over to the kitchen counter for a shot with the amazing filling!



Here’s the Pumpkin Roll all rolled up and ready to eat!


It was so delicious!  And the whole house smelled yummy, like Fall!  I would definitely make it for a Thanksgiving dessert!

Can’t wait for more Tracy Anderson recipes!  For this recipe, jump over to Tracy’s Blog!

Now off to the the Tracy Anderson Studio to (literally and figuratively) dance my butt off!  Bye!

Over the Weekend

Hey, guess what?? I survived midterms!! It was a long, stressful, and seemingly impossible week. But, I am so glad it is over and I managed to get through it. I am also so glad we didn’t decide to travel this weekend. It is so nice to just have a couple of days where there is nothing to be done. I could just relax and use no brain power whatsoever (which was good cause it was completely fried). And that’s exactly what I did this weekend. Oh, and guess what else?? Fall has arrived in Lausanne!! Here are some pictures to prove it and a list of things I did over the weekend.





I slept in every morning

Wandered through the Farmer’s Market and Flea Market

Wished on dandelions

Ate gelato for lunch

Found a movie theatre that plays movies in the ENGLISH version. Hallelujah.

We saw The Butler. (I know I’m little late to the game on this one. But, if you haven’t seen it…you have to! It was really, really well done.)

Stayed up really late watching the World Series (games start at 2am here)

I finished the last episodes of the last season of Friday Night Lights. (Now what?)

Played UNO (It had been so long that I had forgotten how to play)

Ate Raclette for the first time and nearly fell out of my chair it was so good (Traditional Swiss meal with potatoes and melted cheese)

Got started on Christmas shopping

Planned a trip to PARIS (I’m so excited…I literally don’t know what to do with myself.)

Bought a new lipstick (I’m running out of room in my bag that holds my entire collection…must get a bigger bag)


I think this was one of my favorite weekends, so far. Sometimes the little things in life are the most wonderful. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! Happy Monday xoxo