April Fools Day

I can’t believe how quickly April Fools snuck up on me this year! I love playing pranks and I had good pranks lined up for my suitemates, but April 1st came so quickly I didn’t find the time to plan out my best pranks. (Which I will be saving for another year.) But, I was not going to let the day go by without at least a little something. So, I decided to play the prank that my mom played on me a couple years ago – Oreos filled with toothpaste! Simple, easy, and totally worth it!

April Fools Oreo 1

April Fools Oreo 2

^^Can you tell which one of the three oreos is the one with toothpaste??

April Fools Oreo 3

I’m going to start planning right now for next year. I can’t wait! So, it’s best for your sake that you watch out (:

Kappa Kappa Gamma Formal

This past weekend, my sorority held another formal and I took the cutest dates (that’s right…the word dates is plural) in town: Natalie and Hannah!

Our evening started at the Malibu Pier, where we all gathered together to take pictures. Then, we went our separate ways in little groups to dinner. Natalie, Hannah, and I went to this delicious Italian restaurant called Tra di Noi. And finally, we met back at the buses that transported us to a restaurant in downtown Hollywood where we all danced the night away!

Kappa Formal 1

Kappa Formal 2

Kappa Formal 3

^^Some of my pledge class girls!

Kappa Formal 6

^^My little Kappa Family (Twin and Big)

Kappa Formal 7

 ^^My big Kappa Family (My big’s sister, her little, my twin, my big)

photo 1-1edited

photo 2-1edited

^^Photobooth pictures!

This was our final formal of the year and that means that it was the seniors’ last formal ever. I’m sure going to miss them lots and lots at the rest of our formals, especially my big and her sister! But, we had the best time making the most of their last formal.

Kappa Klassic

Kappa Kappa Gamma has a philanthropy that every Kappa chapter across the country supports. But, what I love about Pepperdine’s chapter is we also vote on another philanthropy to support that is near and dear to one of our sister’s hearts.

This year, we fell in love with Wishing Well, which is an organization started by Pepperdine students and their mission to transform the world we live in by providing clean water to those in need.

The minute I was told these couple facts I knew this organization had my vote:

  • “According to the World Health Organization there are still 884 million people who lack access to clean water. Unclean water is responsible for 80% of all disease and over 3 million deaths every year.”
  • “One dollar can give someone in a developing country clean water for year.”

It seemed to me like this is where our chapter could make the most impact, if all it takes is one dollar to give one person in a developing country clean water for a year.

So, once the votes were counted and Wishing Well was announced the winner, our fabulous philanthropy chair, Maggie, got to planning the event that would help us raise money for Wishing Well.

Our event was called Kappa Klassic! We brought in mini golf, ping pong tables, and Arnold Palmers to campus, dressed up in preppy Kountry Klub attire, and took on the role Kappa Kaddies for each team in our tournament!

KK Caddy Shack

(^^We may or may not have been inspired by Caddyshack!)

KK 16

KK 14

KK 15

KK 9

KK 5

KK 12

KK 10

^^We loved everyone’s Kountry Klub outfits!

KK 11

KK 3

KK 2

KK 4

KK 13

KK 8

Through this event, T-shirt sales, and a silent auction, we raised enough money to build a well in Africa that will bring an entire community clean water!!

I am so proud of our philanthropy chair, Maggie, who put her heart and soul into this and so thankful for everyone else who supported Kappa and Wishing Well along the way.

My heart is happy.


P.S. If you find time to watch Wishing Well’s 26 minute documentary, I highly recommend it. Life changing and eye opening.