Milly & Grace Girls in New York City

A few weeks ago, the three of us were asked to be on the Sirius XM radio show in New York City called Wake Up With Taylor! We were so giddy that Taylor invited us of all people onto her show (she does interview celebrities after all!!). So, we knew there was no way we were going to pass up this opportunity! We booked our flights as soon as we could and decided to extend our stay just a little bit so that we could make a trip out of it.

We spent two days in the Big Apple and had so much fun exploring. We have each been to NYC plenty of times, but none of us ever get sick of that “concrete jungle where dreams are made of!”  There are so many places to discover and restaurants to try…and we were also excited for a little bit of real world mainland adventures.  Like going to a pharmacy that has everything you need and all kinds of brands (unlike an island pharmacy) and getting a mani/pedi for the first time in months.  Oh and couch shopping for Emily!

Here are some pictures from our first day if you’d like to see…





^^We LOVED our hotel’s look…black and white everywhere including the doorman’s converse!



^^This graffiti wall matched perfectly with Emily’s outfit and Dannijo necklace (available at Milly & Grace)!



^^Pretzel Time!!  If you follow Caroline on twitter, you know, that while Allie and Emily were most excited about going to a pharmacy and getting mani/pedis, Caroline was most excited to get a pretzel! #MainlandAdeventures




^^The flatiron area is one of our absolute favorite places to wander and explore!




^^ It’s hard to order a couch when you live on Nantucket because you can’t just drop into the store to test it out!  So we headed over to Restoration Hardware to sit on every couch they had!  And we were successful…Emily has finally decided on a couch she wants! Yay! She’s really a grown up now. (Note: the one in the picture is not the one she chose, but it’s similar)


^^We ate so much yummy food on our trip. The first restaurant we went to was called Jack’s Wife Freda where we had the most delicious chicken. It was all really delicious actually…but the chicken was especially tasty!  We heard brunch is even better there!  We definitely want to go back on our next trip!  Cute spot.

Stay tuned for more pictures and a video that Caroline is currently putting together!

Swim at Sunset

A couple days ago, we decided to go jump in the ocean after a long day of work.  I (Allison) was skeptical of this plan.  Swimming.. in the ocean.. on this cold.. windy.. night?!  Um, I don’t think so.









^^Steve was the first one in!



^^Emily and Caroline going in!



^^ Ivy the Water Dog!


^^Ivy the Anti Water Dog.  (Ahh water!)


^^Don’t they look like they were having the best time ever!?!

^^I had to go in!  Proof – That’s me on the left in the neon!

It felt so refreshing and good for our souls!  We forget that a little thing like that, in the middle/end of a crazy day, can change your whole perspective!   It turned out to be a lovely little adventure.

Happy 90th Birthday, Papa!

Happy Birthday to our Papa! He turns 90 today and is still going strong!  Yes, the big NINE – 0!


Papa is our Mom’s father and Milly’s husband!

PapaBirthday2 ^^ Here is Emily and Allison on one of their trips with Papa and Milly!  They would always go on adventures in their motor home.  Papa took us camping, taught us how to fish, took us on motorcycle rides and more!

PapaBirthday7^^And here is little Caroline with Papa!


^^ Papa was a Sailor in the Navy and Milly was in the Army when they met!  They got married and had 5 kids!


We love you, Papa!!  We wish we could be there to celebrate with you!  Hope you have a fun day full of love and cake!

P.S. You don’t look a day over 60!  We hope we got those genes!