Milly & Grace is Open!!

It’s Allison, here… here in LA and not in Nantucket for the opening of the store. Boo. I have been dying over here for a little Sneak Peek of The Premiere of Season 5… I finally got the girls to send me a few snaps that I will share with you while they are busy at the store!

The doors are open at 2 Washington Street!  Here are the Milly & Grace Girls…






The Milly & Grace Team!

Now for a little throwback fun… Season One VS. Season Five





Just in case we all forgot… this happened!  Emily is not just a fashionista…

Em 2

Emily really has put her blood, sweat and tears into this store, and not just her amazing fashion sense and good taste!  Congratulations, sister!! We are so proud of you! Can’t wait for an exciting season ahead of us!!


  1. Em!!! You all have done a great job! I cannot believe it’s your 5th year!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all of you…….have a fantastic season!!! xoo

  2. So unfair that I can’t spend my summer there! The store looks terrific…wishing you ony the best in season #5! xo

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