The Milly & Grace Windows

Yesterday we changed up the window display at Milly & Grace!  Patty, our cute mom and the Creative Director of Milly & Grace, is usually in charge of the windows changes but she was out of town this week so it was up to Caroline & I to come up with something.  After a red, white & blue 4th of July window, we went for a colorful, summer inspired theme.

What do you think Patty?? Did we do ok??

Summer Window 2013

Here was the 4th of July window in case you missed it!

July 4th window 2013

And I might as well share the rest of the windows from 2013 so far…

Memorial Day Window 2013

Below is first window of 2013.  We open every season with a yellow window because our opening day always falls just in time for the Nantucket Daffodil Festival!   To see more about what goes on during Daffodil Weekend, check out Tim’s album on our facebook page!

Daffy Window 2013

We shall see what Patty has up her sleeve for the next window change. Stay tuned!

A Nantucket Fourth of July

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know that I just LOVE spending the Fourth of July on Nantucket. In my opinion, nothing beats a small town’s Fourth of July. The day starts off with everyone ON ISLAND (read about this inside joke here) gathering in town for all of the morning festivities such as, dunk tanks, face paint, pie eating contests, watermelon eating contest, and of course the WATER FIGHT! It’s the town against the firefighters. And this year in particular…the firefighters were not letting anyone leave dry. (I tried to video as much as I could but I was afraid of getting too close cause my camera would have been soaked) Also, you may or may not have heard that I, after two years of placing 2nd in the watermelon eating contest, have finally WON Nantucket’s Annual Watermelon Eating Contest. Allie was so proud of me, she teared up…which I still can’t believe! Anyway, the day continues with either shopping in town or going to the beach. The beaches get pretty packed and crazy so we decided to stay in town. In the evening, we headed over to The Westmoor Club for a Fourth of July Barbeque! And then, usually you end the night with fireworks…but this year the fog rolled in pretty heavy just as the fireworks should have begun. (They don’t call Nantucket the Grey Lady for nothing!) So, they postponed the fireworks to July 5th. And July 5th was a beautiful clear night for watching the firewords and we enjoyed spreading out the celebrations over two days.

I decided to try out the video setting on my camera again and video how we celebrated the Fourth. (So, yes…you’ll get to see me stuff my face with watermelon. I’m in the blue shirt with the fish on it. Also, you’ll see people with their hands up before mine but either they hadn’t swallowed yet or they didn’t eat enough of the red!) Now, without further ado, I present to you A Nantucket Fourth of July…

I am so grateful to live in America and for those who fought for the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day. Happy, happy Fourth of July!

Movie Review – White House Down

I went to an advanced screening of this movie last week and had so much fun!


This movie is definitely a roller coaster ride!

Perfect for Summer and perfect for the Fourth of July weekend.

The audience (including myself) was cheering, clapping and on the edge of their seats… we were on this ride and didn’t know what was going to happen next!  I was expecting it to be extremely heavy, action movie but the humor cut the intensity and tension perfectly. Channing said in an interview that he, Jamie and the cast had such a playful chemistry and they had so much fun while filming that they kept having to remind themselves that this was an action/thriller and not a comedy! But I LOVED THE COMEDY!

I thought the casting was perfect.  I had a little crush on the main bad guy, Jason Clarke, who I recognized from Zero Dark Thirty.  I kept telling myself, “Um, Allison.  You are not supposed to like this guy.”  I think that is a sign of great casting.

I was beaming with American Pride while watching this movie!  Channing might have had something to do with that!


Channing has this natural ability and ease with which he delivers his lines.  He really is a great actor.  He tends to play the jock type that you might think has very little going upstairs, but he ends up proving us wrong with his smarts and practicality.  His heart and soul always shines through in his characters and he always comes out on top!

Channing and Joey

The little girl who plays Channing’s daughter, Joey King, was so amazing. What a talent.  She is one of those Dakota Fanning types that is way beyond her years.  And Jamie Foxx playing “Obama” was very funny.


There were times though, where I thought this would be really scary if this really happened to our country.  Nobody get any ideas!! So thank you to all our armed forces for keeping us safe!




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