Wedding Wednesday

pinkyellowpurplewedding1We’re celebrating Wedding Wednesday on a Thursday this week because we were too busy celebrating Allie’s birthday yesterday! I came across this bouquet ages ago and it has been on our Pinterest board for a while now. I just rediscovered it this week and really wanted to come up with a wedding vision board inspired by this bouquet cause it is one of my absolute favorites. Here’s what I came up with:







Sources: Floral Arbor/Bride & Bouquet/Groom/Drinks/Bridesmaids Dress (no longer available)/Cake/Seating/Barn Lights/Popsicles

Happy Birthday to our Allie!

Happy Birthday to our Allie Boo!! Today we celebrate YOU!!Allison1

As beautiful as you are on the outside, you are a thousand times more beautiful on the inside.Allison2

By just being your cute self, you brighten our days and always make us smile. You are so thoughtful and are always checking in to make sure everyone is happy. It is one of the things we love most about you.Allison3

You’ve always had a twinkle in your eye and a flair for the dramatic. Keep doing what you are doing out there in LA… You are meant to be there!!!
(Poor Emily looks like a weed compared to you.)Allison3aAllison4

You are the jokester and the teaser and you make us laugh like crazy!!Allison5Allison5a

You are so loyal. The most loyal person we know and we hope you feel like you can count on us the way we count on you time and time again. You never let us down.Allison6

You have such a gentle, sensitive soul and always put other people’s needs before your own. You are the light of this family and you keep us all on track. We need to make sure that you know how thankful we are for

Sweet sister, you are SO loved. We are wishing you the best year ever!! You deserve it more than anyone.Allison8Now go treat yourself to a cupcake! :)

Spring Playlist


I have a TO DO list longer than ever… I guess that’s what happens when you go on vacation. But I am not complaining one bit! And I am sure I’m not the only one. Just taking one thing at a time and not overwhelming yourself is the best thing you can do! And then crossing them off my list makes me feel good! Sometimes you just need a little inspiration… and I feel like music always does the trick. I decided to put together a little pick me up playlist!  Here it is…

And sometimes I take a little dance break… it helps ;) How can you not want to dance to Happy by Pharrell or Whitney Houston!?

Have fun checking things off your list! XO

Photo Credit: Quote