Dark Chocolate Bark with almonds, coconut, and sea salt

It is yet another recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook (can you tell I am absolutely in love with it??). Another few things I am absolutely in love with are chocolate, almonds, coconut, and salt…and when you put them all together, the taste is rather heavenly. The recipe is so easy that you almost don’t even need one. You simply melt the chocolate, pour it onto the baking sheet, sprinkle your toppings, and put it in the freezer until it cools (about 15 minutes)! It is the perfect recipe if you are in need of little treat last minute. Or to just have lying around the house!

Bark 1

Bark 2

Bark 3

Bark 4

Bark 5

A Beautiful Mess App

I have been following Elsie and Emma’s blog for a couple years now and they just came out with their own photo-editing app! They announced that they were in the process of making one last week and I have been so anxious and excited to see the final product! Well, it is finally here!!! And I AM OBSESSED.

Here are a few photos that I have been messing around with using the app:

ABM app 1


^^Photo Credit: Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful MessABM app 2

ABM app 3

ABM app 4

I just love, love, love it and I think everyone should go download it now!

Mother’s Day Dinner

My poor mom was feeling a bit under the weather this Mother’s Day (All thanks to her sick daughter aka me…worst daughter ever!). So, we had a low-key day and I tried my best to make it up to her. Because she totally deserves it! I don’t know where or who I would be without my mom. She means the world to me.

We are kind of obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow in this family (major girl crush) and my mom didn’t have her new cookbook yet, so I knew that would be a perfect gift for her. That was part of my present to her as well as letting her pick whatever she wanted out of the cookbook for me to make her for dinner.

She picked out a cold cucumber avocado soup that was so refreshing and the most delicious chicken lettuce wraps I have tasted. Gwyneth’s recipes are very delicious (we also tried out more recipes of hers here)! I totally recommend picking up this cookbook. And I can’t wait to try many more of her recipes!

Here are a few pictures from our Mother’s Day (Sorry for no people pictures…she wouldn’t let me take any of her! Since she wasn’t feeling well and she stayed in her pajamas all day, I let it slide.)

Mother's Day 1

Mother's Day