The Westmoor Club Luau

This past weekend was our country club’s annual summer party! When I was younger and not quite old enough to go, I was always so jealous that my family was able to go and I couldn’t. But during the years I have been able to go, I have had the best time…and this year was no different! The theme for this summer’s party was a luau. We enjoyed cocktail hour and hor’s dervs, followed by a delicious dinner and dessert. Then, we danced the night away to a live band.

Luau 1

Luau 2

Luau 3

Luau 4

Luau 5

Luau 6

luau 7

luau 10

luau 11

Luau 8

Luau 12

Luau 13

I already can’t wait for next summer’s party!

Nanny Diaries: Rain, Rain, Go Away…Come Again Another Day

When it rains on Nantucket, there isn’t much you can do with a five year old. So we decided to snuggle up on the couch to watch The Incredibles.

Of course our movie day wouldn’t be complete without some movie theater popcorn and candy!

Movie Day 1

Movie Day 2

Movie Day 3

I don’t want this little one to ever become “too old” to cuddle.

Nanny Diaries: Strawberry Picking and Strawberry Shortcake

Every summer, Bartlett Farm sets up an area for people to go pick their own strawberries. It is just so much fun and they are some of the best strawberries I have ever eaten. Curren just loves it and tries to find the biggest, ripest ones out there!

Strawberry Picking 1

Strawberry Picking 2

Strawberry Picking 3

Strawberry Picking 5

Strawberry Picking 6

Strawberry Picking 7

{^^oops..he has strawberry stains on his shorts}

We stopped to swing on the swings before we jumped back in the car.

Swinging 1

Swinging 2

After we picked the strawberries and swung on the swings, we decided to go home and make some strawberry shortcake!

Shortcake 1

Shortcake 2

Shortcake 3

Shortcake 4

Shortcake 6

Shortcake 8

We were both sad when it was all gone!