Some Exciting News!

My sister, Allie, has started her own blog too!


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I may be her little sister, and therefore biased, but I think her blog is just as cute and funny as she is! I do hope that you will check it out and follow along with her!


My cousin, Shannon, of EightCrazy Designs helped design Allie’s blog as well as mine! Isn’t she just fantastic? Without her, neither Allie nor I would have a blog to post on; she helped make our little dream come true.

Character Analysis – Me – Part One

The ability to analyze/breakdown characters is critical to the job of an actor.  There are so many factors in our lives that define our character.  Family, childhood, friends, experiences, education, significant events, tragedy, adversity, happiness, joy…. the list goes on.

As an actor, the most important character breakdown you will ever do is… your own.  You have to truly know yourself inside and out before you can “become” someone else.  You have to know why you do things, how you react in situations, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, your insecurities, your positive attributes, your quirks, your habits… if you really know who you are and how you operate, then you will be able to understand and breakdown any character you are going to play.  (Always ask why?)  You will use parts of yourself in each role that are similar and parts that you get to create with your imagination.

For me, my family has been the most influential factor in the development of my character.

Without them I would be a lost little sheep.  My parents did the most incredible job of raising me and my sisters into strong, independent women.  Having two sisters taught me what it is to be a true friend, to love unconditionally, to laugh, to make fun of each other (and not take ourselves too seriously), to be loyal, to be supportive, and to have each other’s back no matter what.

I would now like to introduce you to my family…

My Father, Bill


Nicknames: Billy, BillOtt, Daddio, Pa pa (Downton Accent)

Favorite things:  Being a Dad to three daughters (Sorry one of us wasn’t a boy. At least I talk sports and watch football with you), Being a mentor/teacher, Athletics (a triathlete and pole vaulter) and Art (Warhol is one of his favorites).

My Mother, Patty


Nicknames: Mama, Mummy, Mommers, Pom Pom, Pat Pat, Ma ma (Downton Accent)

Favorite things: Being a Mom to three daughters, Being “matchy matchy”, throwing the best parties with everything perfectly planned down to the last little detail, watching her shows (she is her mother’s daughter) and analyzing Taylor Swift songs.  She is really good at coming up with detailed theories on which guy T Swift is singing about in each of her songs.  Flannel shirts and coffee shops… definitely Jake Gyllenhaal.

Older Sister, Emily

Em and Steve

Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Sister. I know, not very creative.  I haven’t been able to come up with one that sticks!

 Steve has some good ones for her… Sweet Petunia, Petunes, Girly, Girlykins

Favorite Things:  Being a big sister (paving the road for her younger sisters… thank you), Being a business owner on Nantucket – Milly & Grace, cooking, book club and coming up with projects for Steve to do!

* Pictured above with her amazing husband, Steve. Newest addition to our family *

Younger Sister, Caroline


Nicknames: Cezzie, Cezzaline, Smudgie, Smudgers, Butty

Favorite Things: Being a sister, Perfect outfits with perfect accessories, Weddings, Babies, Blogging, Naomi’s blog, and always being right.

Now, you have all been properly introduced!  You will be seeing these characters A LOT… We are a close knit ensemble!

FamilyThat’s it for Part One of Character Analysis!  Until next time…

Homework:  What makes you tick?

Photo and Emily and Steve by Zofia&Co.

SAG Awards: Red Carpet 2013

I have finalized my best-dressed list from the SAG Awards this past weekend!! Unfortunately, Allie and I missed a bit of the beginning of the red carpet because we were at the movie theatre watching Argo. But, I have the Internet to thank for coming to my rescue! (I don’t regret missing the beginning because the movie was that good…and that’s saying something)

So, without further ado….drumroll please!

Number One


(Photo Credit)

Marion Cotillard. I have to admit…when I first saw Marion step onto the red carpet, I wasn’t blown away. BUT, the more I looked at her…the more I fell in love. And she made her way to the top of my list! This two-toned, full-skirt gown was tres chic (I study French now)! Her stunning makeup, delicate jewelry, and confidence were the perfect cherries on top of this Dior gown. Oh and you know I’m a sucker for bows. J’adore Dior.

Number Two


(Photo Credit)

Helen Hunt. First of all, she is 50-something years old. Second of all, she killed it and totally held her own among the young bombshells out there! The shimmery, Romona Keveza gown alone would have scored her a spot on my top 5 list. But the gunmetal clutch, edgy diamond necklace and bangles she complimented the dress with made her look extraordinary and brought her up to the number two spot. You go girl!

Number Three


(Photo Credit)

Amanda Seyfried. I love this Old Hollywood look! With the rich-navy, mermaid Zach Posen gown; the soft, vintage, side-swept curls; and the surprising art-deco pendent; Amanda looked gorgeous. My only wish was that she went softer on the eye make-up.

Number Four

(Photo Credit)

Naomi Watts. This is the second time in a row she has made it onto my top 5 list! This girl knows what she is doing. She looked so lovely in the grey lace Marchesa gown. The earrings were just the right amount to keep the attention on the dress, yet still make a statement. This look wasn’t anything daring; it was classic and elegant. And that is exactly what I love about it.

Number Five


(Photo Credit)

Jenna Fischer. Doesn’t she just seem to sparkle? She has never wowed me on the red carpet before, but there is always a first time for everything! She seemed so comfortable in the black short-sleeved gown with gold sequins. And the hair, the makeup, the simple jewelry, the matching clutch were the perfect touches to complete her effortlessly beautiful look!

A Couple Shoutouts

These two did not make my top 5 best-dressed list, but I still think they deserve some recognition!


Kiernan Shipka is such a cutie! For a thirteen year old, I thought this age-appropriate Oscar de la Renta dress was so perfect for her.


(Photo Credit)

Nina Dobrev is wearing my favorite designer Elie Saab! To me, he is a genius. This isn’t his most amazing masterpiece, but it is still worth the recognition. And Nina looks pretty amazing in the dress (although I would have chosen different accessories).

And The Cutest Couple Award Goes To….


Jennifer and Ben! (Again) Will I ever choose another couple? Probably not. They are just too cute to beat!