Sunday Funday

After starting off our Sunday Funday at the Griddle searching for the best breakfast, Allie and I headed over to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)! I had never been before and I figured as a Californian, for the time being, I had to check it out.



The LACMA is famous for the forest of antique lampposts outside the museum. If you have seen the movie No Strings Attached, this is where Adam tells Emma that he loves her (and she freaks out a little).





After feeling like the size of ant in the midst of the lampposts, we headed into the museum!



We came across a second masterpiece created by the same artist behind the lampposts: Metropolis. The Metropolis is made up of structures that model the fast paced city outside the LACMA doors. There are about a thousand miniature cars going as fast as 240 miles per hour. It took the artist about 4 months to set up this sculpture in the LACMA. It was so intricate and so amazing to look at. It really looked like a mini LA.




In the next room, there was a massive steel structure: Band by Richard Serra. I decided to walk along the entire edge of the sculpture, which felt a bit like a maze when you were inside of it. I was blown away by the size of it…it must have taken so long to create (and so much patience too)!


^^I spy Allie



Then, we came across a couple rooms filled with art that made me just want to kick myself for not thinking of creating it and submitting it to LACMA (or whatever it is that you do to get your art in the LAMCA) sooner. I mean really…


^^A pile of letters




^^A ball

But kudos to them for actually making it work. I wasn’t too impressed. (Please, forgive me)

Now, lets get to the good stuff…

Like Picasso


And Monet


And other fabulous pieces that actually did impress me!



^^One of my favorite artists: Jackson Pollack


^^ One of my dad’s favorite: Franz Klien


^^Another one of my favorite artists and my dad’s too: Andy Warhol




^^I would put this artist’s sketch in the LACMA before I would have put the Tupperware…but maybe that’s just me!


^^Now, why is this little cutie in the corner? “No one puts Baby in the corner”

No matter how hard we try to be super composed and serious (like everyone else inside)…we can’t help but have a little fun!




^^If you look closely on the painting behind me, there are scribbles (done by the artist for I don’t know what reason)…but doesn’t it look like someone just walked up with a pen and scribbled on it?


^^Most people don’t know this…but the girl Picasso painted is really Allie.

After the LACMA, Allie and I headed over to the movie theatre to see an incredible masterpiece by the one and only…Mr. Ben Affleck! You’re probably thinking that Allie and I always seem to go to the movies. Well, that’s because it’s OSCAR SEASON people!!! We have to see as many of the good ones as we possibly can before the award show. Speaking of the Oscars, I don’t know what was going through the Academy’s heads when they didn’t nominate Ben as Best Director for his film Argo. I mean, seriously. The Golden Globes got it right…Ben won for Best Director and the film won for Best Picture! I know Ben Affleck is my favorite so there seems to be some bias, but if you have seen the movie Argo, I think you would agree that the Academy made a pretty big mistake by not (at the very least) nominating him. But, enough about that…there is nothing I can do about it!


(Photo Credit)

Let’s talk Argo. First of all, the movie is based on a true story. And I don’t think I have heard of a crazier story in our country’s history. At the boiling point of the Iranian Revolution, militants storm the U.S. Embassy and take all but six of the Americans working in the Embassy hostage. In the midst of the chaos, those six Americans managed to escape the Embassy and take cover in the Canadian Ambassador’s house. The Canadian and American governments turned to the CIA to come up with a plan to rescue these six Americans. Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck, comes up with the craziest plan you have ever heard of. In fact, in the movie they refer to the plan as “the best bad idea” the CIA could come up with. What is so incredible, is that the plan actually worked! The movie was so ingeniously written and created. You would be depriving yourself if you didn’t go see the movie! Well done to the entire cast and crew. It’s definitely one of my favorite movies!

Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs Benedict

GOOD MORNING, LOS ANGELES!!  Caroline and I are looking for the BEST Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs Benedict in all of Los Angeles.  We will travel far and wide in search of the BEST versions of our FAVORITE breakfast meals!

This SUNDAY FUNDAY, we started our quest at the famous Griddle Cafe in Hollywood!  They are known for Red Velvet pancakes, pancakes that are bigger than your face, and their long lines!

The Griddle 1

The Griddle 2

^It’s a happening place!  The waiters were moving so fast they kept turning out blurry in the pictures!

The Griddle 3

^The smorgasbord next to us! RED VELVET PANCAKES!

The Griddle 4

^ Caroline and her eggs benedict! The Griddle opts for a non traditional base of potato skins!

The Griddle 4

^Me and my blueberry pancakes!  See… they are bigger than my face!

And now for their close ups…

The Griddle 6

^ Hello, Mr. Eggs Benedict!

The Griddle 7

^Miss. Blueberry Pancakes! Dusted with powdered sugar and dolloped with blueberry sour cream!

THE VERDICT: The Blueberry Pancakes were rather DELICIOUS!  The blueberry sour cream on top was genius and a first for me!  I give them an 8 out of 10.  Reasoning for 2 point deduction… While they were quite enjoyable, I gave them an 8 because I didn’t feel the need to finish the whole plate!  I think that really is the deciding factor of the BEST!  You know that feeling when you are so full but you just have to keep eating because they are just so amazing that you can’t dare imagine walking away from the table with some still left on the plate!  You will be dreaming about them later and wondering WHY you didn’t just eat the last few bites!

Caroline’s eggs benedict were quite amazing, as well!  I have to say I was really SKEPTICAL of the potato skins.  I thought for sure they wouldn’t be a contender for me… but not so fast, Allison!  The Griddle really has something going there with the potato skins.  I think they just need to tweak the hollandaise sauce recipe to have a little bit more pizazz, and then they would be really amazing!  I give them a 7 out of 10.

Now, travel over to Caroline’s blog… It All Ties Together... for her take on the Quest for The Best Breakfast!

Quest for the Best Breakfast

Last Sunday, Allie and I discovered the best French Toast we had ever eaten…which led us to our brilliant beyond brilliant idea to search for our favorite version of our favorite breakfast dishes!! Mine is Eggs Benedict and Allie’s is Blueberry Pancakes. We are going to go around to different restaurants all over the LA area and try all the Eggs Benedicts and Blueberry Pancakes out there until we find the best Eggs Benedict we have ever eaten and the best Blueberry Pancakes we have ever eaten.

This past Sunday marks our first day of our journey to find the best breakfast! We started out with none other than the famous restaurant “The Griddle.” How could we start anywhere else? I have heard so many amazing things about it’s breakfast, but I had never tried it. And boy oh boy did it set the bar high!



(^^don’t be discouraged by the moved really quickly!)


^^taking cover from the rain!



^^we made it inside…you can’t really tell but I’m drooling over everyone’s food.



Over all the years I have been ordering Eggs Benedict for breakfast (which is pretty much my entire life…so 18 years), I had yet to try it on potato skins. And that is exactly how the Griddle prepares it’s version of my favorite dish. Three potato skins, with a thick cut of Canadian bacon (so much better than the wimpy slices I sometimes get) on top, and two poached eggs. Then, the chefs drown the plate in Hollandaise sauce. Sometimes I couldn’t even see what I was cutting through it all. But, don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining.






^^first bite!!

I loved it on the potato skins for a change!! I was skeptical at first, but then pleasantly surprised. I’m not so sure if it is the absolute best version of Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten, but it sure was pretty darn good!





^^first bite!!

Now, if it were up to me…I would have named the blueberry pancakes the best pancakes I have ever eaten. I don’t think I would even have to try anywhere else. There was a dollop blueberry sour cream on top that was to die for and truly made the dish! Usually, with pancakes I can’t eat more than one because I feel like it’s the same bite over and over. But, the sour cream left me wanting more and more. Unfortunately, my yearning to finish every last bite wasn’t quite as strong as my extremely stuffed stomach. It killed me not to finish it.

However, the blueberry pancakes were not up to me to judge. (My apologies to The Griddle) Allie thought they were pretty amazing too but she wasn’t quite as convinced as I was that they were the best. So, the search continues!

Stay tuned!!