Another Big Sister…And A Twin Too!

I have been enjoying all of the sorority festivities so far, but this one in particular was probably my favorite. We had our big/little sister reveal the other night and not only did I get a wonderful big sister, but also a twin too! Meet Octavia, my big sister (in the middle), and Valeria, my twin (on the right).

Big and Twin

I am loving our little family already! These two are the sweetest.

Freshman Sunrise

Yesterday, all of the freshman students gathered on our big field to enjoy breakfast, listen to a live band, and huddle together to keep warm as we watched the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean.

Freshman Sunrise 1

Freshman Sunrise 2

Freshman Sunrise 3

Freshman Sunrise 4

And in a few years, we will gather here again as seniors to watch the sunset. I hope these years don’t pass too, too quickly!


It has been nothing but studying, studying, studying for the past couple of days in order to get ready for our midterms this week! One down and four more to go…

Midterms 1

Midterms 2

Midterms 3