Wedding Wednesday


Wednesdays are definitely one of my favorite days of the week because that means I get to spend my morning being creative with so many beautiful pictures to piece together a virtual wedding. It feels like an itty bitty glimpse into what my life will be like in the future as a wedding planner. And it really makes me happy. I can’t help but smile as I go through picture after picture looking for the perfect addition to my vision board. And this week in particular made me especially cheerful because I mean how could you not get all giddy when you see this beautiful bouquet? That beautiful bouquet became my inspiration piece for this week. Here’s what I came up with!








Sources: Groom/Chapel/Bride/Invitation/Flowers/Cake/Tablescape/Cocktails/Paper Fans/Truck/Champagne Favors

Snow Days on Nantucket

This winter has been the snowiest winter on Nantucket that I’ve ever experienced!  We don’t normally get very much snow out here because we catch a little bit of the gulf stream and so it’s always a little warmer out here than in Boston or on the Cape.   On Saturday night, we fell asleep to a blizzard and woke up on Sunday to the most beautiful bluebird day!  Steve, Ivy and I bundled up and headed out to explore the winter wonderland!

The CreekssnowdaywakeupNo surfing today… surfboardsnowday Eel PointSteve&Ivysnowday emily & Ivy snowday Snow pupexploringsnowday dancinggirlssnowday She’s getting so big!icedunessnowdayMadaket
FrostedhousesnowdaySpace on Old South Wharf SpacesnowdayIn other news:  

Sometimes when we go exploring I look ridiculous.waders

Poor little Ivy is in heat and has to wear a diaper.  She was supposed to get spayed before she went into heat but we missed it by 4 days.  (Pups can’t get spayed while they are in heat)  Apparently it lasts for 3 weeks. diaperheadOn a brighter note, she looks adorable in my scarf…
That’s the latest from this little island 30 miles out to sea!

A Ralph Lauren Girl At Heart

Before opening Milly & Grace,  I worked at Ralph Lauren.  He is hands down my favorite high fashion designer.  His timeless, tailored, American style just speaks to me.  He once said, “I’ve never wanted to be in fashion. Because if you’re in fashion, you’re going to be out of fashion.”  I think this is why he has been so successful over the years.  He never pushes the envelope,  he just totally nails the classic styles and lines that have worked year after year.  I try to take a page out of Ralph’s book when I think about buying for Milly & Grace.   I work really hard to pick pieces that are beautiful, comfortable, wearable and that can be worn time and time again.  I want there to be something for everyone and  I would never want to fill the store with items that are unapproachable.  (Please speak up if I ever do!)

This past week was Fall Fashion Week in New York.  Next week, Patty & I head to NYC to do the Fall ’14 buy for Milly & Grace.  Before we head to NYC,  I always like to do a little research so that I am up on the trends!  Every season I wait with baited breath for the RL fashion show and this time it nearly knocked my socks off.  His show was mostly PINK & GRAY!!  I die!!  Ralph, shall we collaborate some day??  (In my dreams!)  Here are my top 5  looks from the show:






And here are my top 5 favorite Ralph Lauren looks from the last 10 years:

#1 Spring 2011: This is what I want to wear everyday of my lifeRLS11#2 Spring 14: Showstopper.  This was my favorite look from this years Golden Globes.  Lupita Nyong’o looked amazing in it.
RLS14#3 Fall 2007: A suede ball gown. Need I say more?
RLF07#4 Fall 2008: I love the mix of casual & dressy.  Buffalo Plaid is such a great iconic American print.  RLF08#5 Spring 2008: Can’t go wrong with a LBD!
RLS08All the images are from

Ralph Lauren, thank you for inspiring me and teaching me so much about retail.  It gave me the confidence to open up my own shop and live my dream!