Gallery Wall In The Works – Franz Kline

I love gallery walls.  I have been wanting one for a while now, so I have been slowly trying to put one together in my apartment!  Here is my work in progress…


I was looking at it the other day and was thinking… it needs an abstract piece.  I immediately thought of Franz Kline.  Seeing as I probably can’t get my hands on a real one right now, I thought I could take inspiration from him and create one of my own!

I decided to “Get my Franz on!”


I also paid a little homage to one of the other greats with a little splatter… Franz with a dash of Pollock.



Now, let’s see it on the gallery wall!  (I don’t know what I would do without 3M Command Strips.  It took me two seconds to put on the wall!)


Not too shabby… if I do say so myself.  Now, I think I might need a Black & White print on the left side to balance it out.  I also might change that orange frame.

Here’s the Before & After…


Supplies You Need if you want to get your Franz on…

Blank Canvas (11 x 14), Black paint, White paint, Paint Brushes

Additional supplies: Choose one of his pieces as inspiration and some music that inspires your creativity!  I threw on some Cat Stevens.

Try it!  It was fun!

Canyon Glacier Swing

Remember when Emily, Allie, and I came up with Valentine’s Day Dates based on where we lived? And remember how I chose canyon-glacier swinging as the activity? Well, my Valentine is unfortunately across oceans from me and so we couldn’t go together. But, I was able to convince my other Valentine, Hannah, to join me for a major adrenaline rush! Yay!

We took the train up to Interlaken, which just so happens to be my favorite train ride because it is the most beautiful train ride. Then, we were picked up at the train station by the same company who took us canyoning last semester and driven halfway up the canyon. We had to hike the rest of the way up because it was too icy to drive up.

canyonjump1 canyonjump2

Once we made it to the top, we watched the group before us jump off the platform into the canyon and free fall for over 200 feet before the harness caught them and swung them across the glacier. Watching them definitely made me nervous. But, as soon as I got on the platform, I surprisingly felt pretty calm. The guide counted 3, 2, 1 and I jumped off without hesitation.




And let me tell you…it was by far the coolest thing I have ever done and the most amazing experience. At first you feel like you’re just floating and then you realize that you’re not floating but free falling…that’s when I yelled out “OH MY GOSH!” And as soon as I got those three words out, the harness pulled tight and I went swinging straight towards the other side of the canyon. It was so beautiful with the glacier below and the snow everywhere. As soon as my harness pulled tight, I wanted to do it again. When I got back on to solid ground, I was shaking because of the amount of adrenaline running through my blood stream. Next up was Hannah, and she jumped off without hesitation too! She barely even screamed because she said the wind knocked her voice right out of her!

This may have been my favorite day of the entire semester so far.

And guess what I’ve got video footage documenting the entire thing!

Also, I didn’t tell my mom that I was going canyon jumping until after I did it. And I told her by just sending her the video. Here was her reaction: “OMG!! MY BLOOD PRESSURE JUST WENT UP AND I HAVE 20 NEW GREY HAIRS ON MY HEAD!!!! WHY ARE YOU SO ADVENTUROUS?! AHHHHHHH!!!”

But, hey! I’ve learned that it is best to tell your parents after you plan on doing something a little crazy like that so that they don’t worry the whole time you’re off doing something crazy. By the time you tell them, you’ll be safe and sound and they don’t have to worry. Trust me…it’s just better that way!

Chambray Shirt – 3 Ways



Even though the three of us have different styles from one another, we all agree that the chambray shirt is an essential piece to every girl’s closet! We each have one and couldn’t live without it. Here are a couple different ways you could style a Chambray shirt based on each of our styles:



Sources: Chambray/Scarf/Jeans/Jacket/Booties/Watch


 Source: Chambray/Hat/Jeans/Vest/Pentagon Bracelets/Link Bracelet/Booties



Sources: Chambray/Skirt/Boots/Necklace/Watch