Universal Studios


It was Hannah’s 21st birthday a couple days ago and we celebrated with donuts in the morning (the breakfast of champions!) and dinner and champagne at The Ivy, an iconic restaurant in LA. But, since it was during the week and we had classes, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to celebrate. So, we continued the celebration into the weekend and decided to go to Universal! I had never been before, but since I am such a huge fan of roller coasters, I could barely contain my excitement.

universal2We started off by taking a tour of the back lot, which was pretty cool! Tons of movies and tv shows have been filmed there throughout the years, so to see the sets in person was such a fun experience.

universal4^^Stage 44. My favorite movie this year and my favorite tv show right now both filmed in the same stage building.  On the right hand side is a city scape that they use in almost all of their films!


universal8^^War of the World Airplane Crash Scene (That’s a real airplane that they destroyed!)

universal5^^parts of Jaws was filmed here!

universal6^^The Grinch was filmed here!

Then, we went on every single ride, only to stop for lunch at the famous Pink’s Hotdogs and to say hello to some characters along the way!






universal13^^Lucy, from I Love Lucy, stopped us and said, “we should take a picture because it would be a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead!” She was too adorable to say no to. And how could we not stop for Homer and Marge?

universal14^^This guy was my favorite. Oh and that girl is too!


Hannah Banana, there are certain people in our lives who just make the world a better place and you are one of those people. Thank you for having the kindest soul, for always cracking me up, for being my family away from family, and for being my kindred spirit. I’m so lucky to be able to call you my best friend. Happy Birthday! I love you lots! xo

Wedding Wednesday


Guess what, guess what?! It has actually begun to feel like Fall here in California (I hope that didn’t jinx it!) But, I actually had to wear jeans and long sleeves! That’s huge. I thought I would be wearing shorts until December. Yay! Now that it’s started to feel like Fall, it makes me even more excited for Fall and everything else that comes along with this glorious season. Like the mountains and cabins! That is where I’ve set this week’s Wedding Wednesday. And this table setting with those rich Fall-ish colors was the inspiration for the rest of this wedding I dreamed up! Here’s what I came up with:









Bride/Bridesmaid/Bouquet/Sign/Invitation/Table Setting/Blueberry Pies/Raspberry Cupcakes/Cheers/Waterfall/Canoe/Forrest

Wedding Wednesday

mustardwedding1Hey, happy Fall!! It’s not quite Fall here in California yet…in fact, I can’t even look at a scarf right now because it is just too hot! But, I love fall so much and can’t wait until it arrives here in Malibu. (Maybe in December??) Anyway, I decided to get my fall fix by living vicariously through fall weddings! When I saw this picture of this bride with her bridesmaids in that awesome mustardy/honey yellow color, I swooned. I actually found this picture about a month ago and I have been dying to dream up a wedding based on that. And since fall has officially begun, I thought there is no better timing for it than right now. Here’s what I came up with:









Groom/Bride/Bridesmaids/Ring Bearer/Chair/Floral Arrangement/Cake/Drinks/Teepee/Signs