Ice Skating

The day after Thanksgiving is one of my favorites because it’s the first day that I allow all things Christmas to be celebrated! I’m a firm believer in giving Thanksgiving the honor it deserves…it has feelings too, you know! And I don’t like making it feel left out. So, yesterday…the Christmas music began playing (and won’t be turned off until the season is over), I wore my Christmas socks, it snowed… AND yesterday was our last day of classes of the semester (!!!) so when the last class of the day let out at 6:30, we all bundled up and headed on down to the city’s ice-skating rink to celebrate!!


The first ice-skate of the season is always a bit shaky for everyone (except for our director, who used to be a hockey player). It takes me a couple times around staying near the edge of the rink to get used to it. But, then I can move away from the edge and pretend I kinda sorta know what I’m doing out in the middle of the ice. Hannah was nervous and everyone gave her a hard time because “the girl from Canada didn’t even know how to ice-skate”…poor thing! But, guess what…she was able to skate for a little by herself without holding hands with the wall or a friend! And I got pictures to prove it. I’m so proud. Oh and neither of us fell…so I’d say it was a pretty successful night!











^^She’s doing it, she’s doing it!!!



Black Friday Shopping

Happy Black Friday!! I have never been brave enough to brave the crazy crowds on Black Friday… but over the last few years (you know, the struggling actor years) I have strongly considered it.  But I just woke up at 9 am on Black Friday so I think I missed it.  Maybe next year.

Confession. I love Target. Not going to lie… I probably go there an average of three times a week. (Don’t worry.  I worry about myself too.  But it is on the way home from my gym, I get my Starbucks there and there is a Trader Joe’s next door… so it’s not that crazy that I go that much…)

Anyways, I feel like I get Black Friday savings all year long when I shop at Target! I really do find amazing ‘pieces’ at amazing prices.

Here are my Top 5 Target Favorites!

Top 5 Target picks

1. This Black Fringe Bag was originally $39.99 but it was on sale for $11.98!! I couldn’t NOT buy it.  A little fringe adds a little edge to any outfit.

2.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE YOGA PANTS.  You can get something very similar from Hard Tail… But for $70. BUT WHY would you do that when you can get them for $14.99.

3.  I am sure you have been seeing this style hat on all the stars recently..  I know I have!  They are probably spending over $100 for their hats.  This Mossimo hat is $16.99 but doesn’t look like $16.99.  Very good quality.  I love finding these “trendy” pieces at a good price (because it’s possible this hat will be SO OUT next season.)

4.  This was just a nice quality heather grey sweatshirt.. you could wear it with the yoga pants or dress it up with nicer black jeans/pants and booties!

5.  These are the best glasses ever.  Don’t even think about it.  Just get them.  They are in the $1 section.

But you have to be really picky at Target!

Target - Black Hat

 Look at the hats above… It’s like Duck, Duck, GOOSE… but Cheesy, Cheesy, WINNER!


I was able to recreate this Julianne Hough look… (but probably for A LOT less.)

Steal Splurge - Black Fringe Bag

                    Target$39.99 $11.98                                                      Diane Von Furstenberg – $795

And how could you ever imagine spending $800 on a fringe purse???? NEVER.

I wore my black fringe bag to my Friendsgiving on Wednesday night and my friends asked me…. “where did you get your bag??”  (And these are my friends that have really nice stuff! Like Celine bags.)

They were shocked when I said TARGET!!! And it was only $12!!  Our Friendsgiving ended with a trip to Target!!


There were 4 left so they each got two!  They will make a perfect (and cheap) gift!

I think it is important to spend your money on essential items that you wear everyday and classic pieces that will never go out of style.. like jeans and everything at Milly & Grace ;)!  But I love finding trendy pieces and accessories that are cheap, high quality and don’t look cheap..  I will be sure to let you know when I find them!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! CUE THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! XO

Happy Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, all of us are going to be apart. Our parents are going to be in Georgia, Emily is going to be in Nantucket, Allie is going to be in California, and Caroline will be in Switzerland. It’s sad and we miss each other so so much and wish we could be together on this holiday. But, we still have so much to be thankful for…starting with the time we will be spending together next month during Christmas because all three of us are most thankful for our family! Here are a couple more things that we are extra thankful for:



What are you thankful for?

We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. And we hope it’s filled with lots of love, laughter, food, and some serious relaxing.