Chelsea Market

Saturday was a long travel day…starting with a flight at 6:30 in the morning. But, the best part about having an early flight is that I didn’t lose the entire day to traveling. Only half. So, when my mom, Emily and I met up at the hotel on a rainy New York day, we hugged each other about four times each and then we hailed a taxi over to the Chelsea Market!




We started with Anthropologie, of course! (There aren’t too many stores better than Anthro!)


Then, we had to stop and get a little treat at Eleni’s! The cookies were perfectly crisp.



And then we stumbled across a brownie store that we had heard so much about – Fat Witch! So even though we just ate a cookie…how could we pass it up?? And these brownies were to die for. (If you aren’t going to try both the cookie and the brownie like we did…I would suggest the brownie!)


Fat Witch

And then after a little more shopping around, we finished the night out with a dinner at The Green Table. 

Green Table






With stuffed tummies, we waddled back several blocks to our hotel to get a good night sleep…because we had a big day ahead of ourselves at the show!

The 85th Academy Awards

Academy Awards 1

Congratulations to all the winners!  There is something about the Oscars that is so magical.  I think it’s the tradition (I love tradition)… and seeing all that talent in one place.

I think that night, the whole world fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence!  I know I have a little bit of a crush.  She is so real and down to earth.  I was hoping for an awesome acceptance speech, but I think she was in so much shock that she couldn’t get much out because, I mean, she had just won an Oscar AND  fallen flat on the stairs on her way up! Her interview with the press, though, did not disappoint!  Watch below…

And the Oscar goes to… Jennifer Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress in Silver Linings Playbook

And the Oscar goes to… Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor in Lincoln


Very witty, Mr. DDL.  Fantastic speech.

And the Oscar goes to… Argo for Best Picture


“I know what you’re thinking…Three Sexiest Producers Alive.”

One of the big controversies of this year’s Oscars was the fact that Ben Affleck was not nominated in the Best Director category for Argo.  Many people thought the Academy made a huge mistake by snubbing Ben from this honor.  I think the Academy made up for the snub in a huge way by honoring him with the Oscar for Best Picture.

Ben’s speech was extremely sweet and heartfelt.  He reminded us all of a very important lesson we need to remember whenever we struggle…

One more throwback from the 70th Academy Awards…

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Good Morning


Good morning, everyone! I am sitting at Starbucks right now with Emily and my mom. We are eating a quick breakfast before we head over to our second day of the show!

I brought my computer with me for free wifi in hopes of posting today, since we don’t have wifi in the hotel. But, unfortunately the connection is too slow to edit and process all the pictures in the allotted time. (I would be sitting here for at least 2 hours before I got the post up…and we have clothes to buy for Milly and Grace people!)

So, I’m here to promise you that I will post as soon as I get back to Georgia. In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram and twitter to see what we are up to!

I hope you all are having a great week!