Top Picks from the Summer 2015 Show!

Hi everyone!  It’s good to be back blogging.  I’ve missed you!  I am currently writing to you all from snowy Boston.   Steve, Ivy & I escaped Nantucket before the crazy storm hit!  We were worried about getting stuck on the island.  Steve & I are leaving for our very belated honeymoon to Australia tomorrow and we didn’t want to risk missing our flight!  The storm on Nantucket was bad – lots of houses & businesses are still without power and there has been a lot of damage.  In Boston, there was a ton of snow but it was otherwise uneventful.  We took advantage of the snow day! Click here for a mini video!snow

A couple of weeks ago, Caroline, Patty & I went to NYC to order clothing for the Summer 2015 season!!  The collections look great and I’m excited about this upcoming season.  We saw a lot of white lace/crochet long dresses, lots of cut out details, lots of navy, and crop tops (which I am loving… it’s not looking too hoochie I promise).  The colors are softer, cooler and very pretty!

The most exciting news of this show was that we picked up a new clothing line – Rebecca Minkoff.  Her collection is perfect for the Milly & Grace Girl.  Pretty dress silhouettes in pretty colors! Here is my favorite dress:

summer1Don’t worry Rebecca Taylor, just because there is a new Rebecca in town we haven’t forgotten about you!  You always put together the most beautiful collection. summer2There is always a little leopard print in every collection!
summer3I love how this dress looks like a top and a skirt!  This cut out detail makes it.


In search of the perfect white summer dress? Here it is! summer5

This pretty print mixed with this flirty silhouette makes this my top pick from Joie! summer6

You can always count on Splendid for making the perfect summer staples!summer7

This indigo maxi by Bella Dhal is so soft that you will want to wear this everyday!!summer8Here are my 2 favorite picks from Free People! summer9 summer10 Parker knocked it out of the “park” with their summer delivery!summer11 Parker started a party dress line called Parker Black Label and we love it!  We think that Parker makes the best beaded & sequin dresses for the best price.  Here are some of the dresses we ordered! summer12It’s time to start thinking about what you are wearing to your summer events!! summer13Here are a few new jewelry pieces we picked up!
summer14Season 6 is coming together!!!  I can’t wait!

Same Page Monday

Well, hello there!  How have you all been?  I must apologize, on behalf of myself and my sisters, for dropping off the face of the world wide web.  Life happened to all three of us!  We got so busy that we had to take an unexpected break… but we missed it so much that we decided to come back!

So, let me get started on filling you in on what’s been happening the last few months…

1.  Patty (Our #1 fan) was not ok with our hiatus from the blog.

2.  I started a production company with this amazing group of guys.  They not only are inspired, creative geniuses, powerhouse actors and brilliant storytellers, but they all have the biggest hearts underneath their tough guy exteriors… It is the start of something special.


3.  I was cast by Terrence Malick in a tiny role in his upcoming movie, Knight of Cups, starring Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett.  I play an actress playing Marie Antoinette… The trailer was finally released and I made it into the trailer!!  Now, let’s keep our fingers crossed that my scene with Christian Bale made the final cut!  The movie premieres this February at Berlinale.

Check out the trailer here…

4.  Emily and the Milly & Grace store had an amazing season last year!!  Thank you to every one of our lovely Milly & Grace girls who shop with us every year!  Emily and Patty have already been shopping up a storm for this next season the past two weeks… here they are (with Caroline) in NYC at the shows!


5.  Caroline is back in Malibu and back to school life… back to getting up early for classes…. on the beach!!!!!  Here she is with Hannah at their first surfing class….

Caroline Surfing

None of us feel bad for her and her heavy school work load.  Just kidding… we are so proud of you and your hard work… and your straight A’s :)

6.  We are also SO PROUD of our little sister who just scored an internship with the amazing, celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss!  Our cute little wedding planner in the making….


7.  I’m pet sitting my neighbor’s fish this week.  I’m kinda nervous about it.  I hate fish.  Fish were the only pets I was ever allowed to have growing up.  I would get really excited about getting fish from the pet store!  I would always get a white and an orange goldfish and name them Macaroni and Cheese.  Anyways, those fish never had a long life span in my hands… let’s all say a little prayer for this blue beta fish named, Sushi.


8. Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!!

9. A quote to ponder from MLK in MLK Day – “We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of a dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.”

10.  Happy Same Page Monday!! Talk to you all soon! XOXO