Celebrating Nanny

Celebrating Nanny 1

Celebrating Nanny 6

Celebrating Nanny 5

Celebrating Nanny 4

Celebrating Nanny 3

Celebrating Nanny 2

Celebrating Nanny 9

Celebrating Nanny 7

Celebrating Nanny 8

Today, it’s been a year since my sweet Nanny went home to Heaven. There hasn’t been a single day that has gone by without thinking of her. I miss her so much and that part doesn’t really get easier. However, while I miss her more than words can express, I find comfort knowing that she is in a better place.  And because of that I choose to celebrate today instead of being sad.

My mom is up in Washington right now with our family and last night they sent balloons with written notes up to my Nanny and ate her favorite dessert – Lemon Cake – to kick off the celebrations. Here is a little video:

I wish I could have been there to celebrate. The bookstore on campus didn’t have any balloons, and I don’t have a car to get off campus. But, as soon as I find my way to a balloon, I, too, will send a love note up to my Nanny.

My mom and sister, Emily, come into town this weekend and we are looking forward to being together to celebrate our Nanny, Easter, and my other sister, Allie’s, birthday. My weekend is going to be full of celebration and I’m really looking forward to it!

I wish each and every one of you a happy weekend!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Formal

This past weekend, my sorority held another formal and I took the cutest dates (that’s right…the word dates is plural) in town: Natalie and Hannah!

Our evening started at the Malibu Pier, where we all gathered together to take pictures. Then, we went our separate ways in little groups to dinner. Natalie, Hannah, and I went to this delicious Italian restaurant called Tra di Noi. And finally, we met back at the buses that transported us to a restaurant in downtown Hollywood where we all danced the night away!

Kappa Formal 1

Kappa Formal 2

Kappa Formal 3

^^Some of my pledge class girls!

Kappa Formal 6

^^My little Kappa Family (Twin and Big)

Kappa Formal 7

 ^^My big Kappa Family (My big’s sister, her little, my twin, my big)

photo 1-1edited

photo 2-1edited

^^Photobooth pictures!

This was our final formal of the year and that means that it was the seniors’ last formal ever. I’m sure going to miss them lots and lots at the rest of our formals, especially my big and her sister! But, we had the best time making the most of their last formal.

Strawberry Donut [Muffins]

Donuts are one of my weaknesses. I love them way more than cookies and cake. And if there are some donuts nearby, it takes everything in me to fight against the urge to eat every last one of them. So, when I found a recipe for baked strawberry donuts, I was not going let this gem of a find go to waste. After Allie and I gathered our freshly picked strawberries, we went straight home to bake this yummy treat!

Donut 1

Donut 3

Donut 4

Donut 5

Donut 6

Donut 7

Donut 8

^^Sneaking a quick sip…the bottle was too cute to resist!

Donut 9

Donut 10

Donut 11

^^Little fact about me: I cannot stand the way dry wooden utensils feel (but if it’s wet I can handle it)

Donut 12

Donut 13

Donut 14

Donut 15

Donut 16

Donut 17

Donut 18


Donut 19

Donut 20

Donut 21

Donut 22

^^Almost ready…I couldn’t wait!

Donut 23

Donut 24

And now for the GLAZE….

Donut 25

Donut 26

Donut 27

Donut 28

Donut 29

Donut 30

Donut 31

Donut 32

Donut 33

Donut 34

Donut 36

Donut 37

Donut 38