1 Month Until I’m 30. I Better get busy!

It’s November 14th.  I have 1 month until my 30th birthday.  It’s time to check in on my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30! Here we go:
1. Launch the Milly & Grace online store! 
Mission accomplished! online
2. Host a beach BBQ
While my friends Lauren & Nathan were visiting from Australia we got a little group together to enjoy dinner on the beach and watch the sunset. (We also enjoyed a few cocktails!!)  Read about it here! 
3. Bake a pie from scratch.  
Still need to do this!  Looking forward to this one – what a fun fall activity!
4. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Done & Done! 
I made it
5. Clean out my closet.
This is about 1/2 done… Ok maybe about a 1/3 done.  
6. Learn to grill 
I think I need another lesson.
7. Continue our Hollister tradition for the 3rd year in a row – The Nantucket Stay-cation!
We were able to carve out some time during September – Steve and I were both sick the whole time. Haha!  At least we had each other! 
8. Write a “just because” handwritten note every week. 
This one is easy!
9. Get a puppy! 
The best thing I put on my list and one of the best things that I’ve ever done.  I cried for the first 2 weeks that we had her because I loved her so much.
10. Visit the “other” island- Martha’s Vineyard!
So enchanted by Martha’s Vineyard.  Can’t wait to go back. Read about some of our adventures here
11. Read the Great Gatsby 
Started but need to finish! Too many book club books to read… 
12. Start practicing yoga again.
Ok need to do this!! 
13. Pay for the coffee for person in line behind me.
Done!  But I’m going to do again!
14. Go strawberry picking at Bartlett Farm.
15. Send someone flowers. 
These are going to go to a very special Milly & Grace customer who told all of her friends about our Cashmere Ruanas – she is helping us set records!
16. Create my own cocktail!
Stay tuned!  I’ll be posting about this one soon!!!!!!!!
17. Visit Tuckernuck – 
Well… this is the one thing that I don’t think I’ll be checking off my list.  The summer got away from us and now it’s too cold.  Oh well… I guess I’ll  just have to save something for next summer.
18. Participate in a workshop to help me become a better blogger.
Might have to be a winter activity but I’m holding out hope! 
19.  Be better about saving my money!  For the past few years, all of my savings have gone into opening and improving the store.  Now that we are in the swing of things it’s time to start saving for the future.
20. Roast a chicken.
Need to do this! 
21. Try paddle boarding
I did it!  And so did Ivy…
Headed Home
I also paddled in the waves… or tried to!!
Paddlewavesphoto credit – Steve Hollister 
22. Watch Casablanca.
Gotta do this! 
23. Go skinny dipping!
24. Break my magazine hoarding habit.
Got a puppy… and she trained me not to leave them around… Because she would eat them.  Habit kicked.
25. Organize all my recipes.
Got this pretty organized… But it still feels like the never ending project. 
26. Find the Hidden Forest out here on Nantucket!
Shh… I can’t tell you! 
27. Get a massage. (Or 2 or 3)
This should have been the first thing I did! I better book this NOW!
28. Really learn to surf – Actually catch a wave without Steve’s help!
Getting there – I think I will be trying at this forever.
29. Connect with and commit to a non profit organization that really matters to me. 
Nantucket Cottage Hospital.  As I build a life on Nantucket, I want to ensure that there will be the best care possible for my family.  This past year I served on a the Boston Pops committee.  The Boston Pops on Jetties Beach is my favorite event of the summer so it just seemed fitting! 
30. Enjoy the sunrise & sunset all in the same day.
This one will be easy now that day light savings happened! 
So her is my to do list for the next month:
  • Bake a Pie
  • Roast a Chicken
  • Get a massage
  • Go to Yoga
  • Finish The Great Gatsby
  • Watch Casablanca
  • Participate in a workshop to help me become a better blogger
  • Enjoy the sunrise & sunset all in the same day

I think I am in good shape.  It seems that the things I still need to do are the perfect activities for this time of year!  Wish me luck!


  1. You’ve already been successful in my book. However I cannot find the skinny dippin picture on your blog.:) I love that you love your puppy so much.

  2. Save the baking a pie for when I get there…I want to join in on all the fun! Hannah and I did yoga for a grand total of two mornings this entire semester. We are pretty terrible at keeping up with it, but I enjoyed doing it those two mornings…so, I’ll practice with you too! Oh and count me in for the workshop…always up for that! :)

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