A Bachelorette Bracket

I am completely obsessed with The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I know the show is ridiculous, but it’s too addicting. (So make fun of me all you want…”I don’t care! I love it!”) For years, I have gotten together with family and friends on Monday nights to have mini Bachelorette watching parties. And we always talk about who we think will make it to the end and who we think will be voted off each night. I thought it would be so fun to turn that discussion into a bit of a competition…and so I created a Bachelorette Bracket!!

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Here’s how it works. First, get a group of people together or at least one other person who would like to participate with you. Then, print off brackets for each person participating. Each person must fill out each space with the names of the men you think will make it to the next show. You have to fill the bracket completely out…all the way to “winner”…before tonight’s show starts! Then, watch the show each week to see if how many you guessed correctly. And once the show is over…tally up your points:

TOP 13:          1 point per guy you get correct

TOP 11:          2 points per guy you get correct

TOP 9:            3 points per guy you get correct

TOP 6:            4 points per guy you get correct

HOMETOWN: 5 points per guy you get correct

TOP 3:            6 points per guy you get correct

FINALE:          8 points per guy you get correct

WINNER:        10 points if you chose the correct guy!

Whoever has the most points between you and the rest of your group at the end of the show wins! And to make things even more exciting you can even have a prize involved for the winner!

I’m filling out my bracket right now. And I cannot wait for tonight’s show!


  1. auntie joanie :

    Haven’t watched this season guess I should do that.

  2. Bachelorette Mondays! Shamefully unashamed that Jasmine and I watch together every Monday… we love playing the Rose Ceremony Game, “Who Do You Think She Is Going to Give The First Rose and The Last Rose!”. Who are your favorites?! I liked A LOT of them last night… they were really growing on me! We definitely need more of Juan Pablo for obvious reasons! Chris was really sweet. Bryden was too, but don’t think they are meant for each other. Brooks will probably be there at least until Hometowns if not till the end. Glad she let poor Brandon go… he would have been destroyed if he went any further. Ben needs to go! PATTY, what are your feelings on all this? Did you fill out your bracket?

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