A Midsummer Night in Tuscany

Yes, we really went to Tuscany. Okay not really…but it sure felt like we were there! Every year our club hosts a party for all the members to enjoy a fun evening of delicious food and lots of dancing. And for the past three years, my mom, Emily, and our friend Carole have been the party planners! They have so much fun putting it all together and this year they really knocked it out of the park. (And that is my unbiased opinion ;) )

There is always a theme to the party – last year’s was a Luau and this year’s was Tuscan! I was most excited about this theme because Italian food is my absolute favorite. And I pretty much ate my weight in spaghetti that night.

The night starts out with drinks, appetizers, and lots of mingling. Then, everyone moves into the tent for dinner and dessert. And once everyone’s tummies were stuffed, we all waddled onto the dance floor to dance the night away.


















Emily is known for her goofy – I mean, crowd pleasing moves!! So, if you ever find yourself on a dance floor racking your brain for a few new moves…you are welcome to borrow some from her. Watch and learn in this video below!

We always have such a blast and look forward to this night every year. I can’t wait to hear what next year’s theme will be. Mom and Emily…want to give us any hints??


  1. I’m taking that camera away from you!

  2. Loved looking at you ladies, and you too, Bill!!!!! It makes me miss you all so much….looking at these photos brings back all those wonderful memories from Australia!!!! oxxoxo

  3. Somebody was sure having fun on the dance floor!!

  4. Ok there Ott Ladies this got me to your blog……

    You all are brilliant, love the shout out but I’m not sure what’s better- the idea that Em is dancing like she is just photo-bombing or the fact those are really practiced, well choreographed moves ;-) Fashion, design and now dance instruction!

    Love it, keep up the amazing work,

    Your fav GM

  5. More dancing videos of Emily please. Tis is my favorite post yet all thanks to that video. It’s like cowbell, you always need more.

  6. I vote for an entire post based on Emily’s amazing dance skills. Holy skills.

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