A Surprise Visitor


I’ve been back in Georgia for the past couple days and most of my friends are still in school and won’t be home until the middle of this week (except for Colin, who I have been spending most of my time with :) ). So, when my friend Ellie showed up to my house last night with some frozen yogurt I was completely surprised! She happened to be home for a few days before her last final exam, and planned out a surprise visit for me with my mom. It was late at night and I was just on my computer catching up with blogs (of course) when all of the sudden Ellie comes around the corner into the kitchen! We spent the next few hours catching up on everything we have missed out on in each other’s lives since we go to school across the country from one another. I was so excited to see her. And I can’t wait until she is done with school and we can see lots more of each other! Love you, Ellie!

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