Wedding Wednesday

mustardwedding1Hey, happy Fall!! It’s not quite Fall here in California yet…in fact, I can’t even look at a scarf right now because it is just too hot! But, I love fall so much and can’t wait until it arrives here in Malibu. (Maybe in December??) Anyway, I decided to get my fall fix by living vicariously through fall weddings! When I saw this picture of this bride with her bridesmaids in that awesome mustardy/honey yellow color, I swooned. I actually found this picture about a month ago and I have been dying to dream up a wedding based on that. And since fall has officially begun, I thought there is no better timing for it than right now. Here’s what I came up with:









Groom/Bride/Bridesmaids/Ring Bearer/Chair/Floral Arrangement/Cake/Drinks/Teepee/Signs

Where in the world did Caroline go?

Hi! It’s me…Caroline! Do you even remember who I am? It’s okay if you don’t…it has been way too long. But, I am back now! So, let’s catch up where we left off…The past few weeks at school have been pretty crazy, which is a complete understatement. You see, moving in to an apartment brings on a lot of grown up responsibilities that were pretty stressful (what do you mean the gas is turned off?!). Also, there is this thing called Rush that completely takes over your life. That is not a complete understatement…I actually didn’t have control of my life for about a week and I’m currently in the process of taking back control. I won’t go into every detail of my schedule that week, but just know that going to school and going through recruitment of our new sorority members at the same time often results in only sleeping about two hours a night, pumping caffeine into your veins, taking notes with your eyes closed, etc. But, it’s over now and in the end, I realized just how rewarding that sleep depriving, exhausting week of Rush is. We have the cutest new members, of that I am absolutely sure of. And as a sorority, we grew closer together through the process of finding our new Kappas!

kappas1^^Oh those tired eyes. This was the day after the two hour night sleep!

kappas^^We just had to take a selfie. (I’m in the way back!)


^^My rush crush!


^^See what I mean…they are just the cutest! Welcome to Kappa, girlies xo

Rush ended on Monday. And on Monday afternoon, something happened to a friend of mine that left me feeling completely helpless, shaking with fear, and with nowhere to turn except to God. Fortunately, everything ended in the best possible scenario given the circumstances. Thank God. It’s not something that I want to share on our blog because I want to respect my friend’s privacy. But, the reason I do bring it up is because I want to remind everyone to be kind and show compassion to everyone around you. You really have no idea what the person standing next to you is going through. Remember to extend a helping hand and to be a source of comfort and positivity in the lives around you. And, also, remember that you can always ask for help, that no problem is unsolvable, that everything will be okay in the end, and if it isn’t, then it isn’t the end. Remember to never give up and always look for the beauty, magic, and love in the world around you. I promise you that it is there.

I’m going to leave you with a few quotes of inspiration for this new week…






I’m excited to be back in the blogging world and I will see you guys on Wednesday…for you know what! xoxo


(Quotes are from a Love Quotes Book, available at Milly & Grace)

Wedding Wednesday


I may or may not have mentioned this already before, but just in case I haven’t…black and white is my favorite color combination. Ever. It’s classic, sophisticated, and as simple as it comes with the potential to be pretty bold. My room back in Georgia is decorated with a black and white color scheme with some pops of color. The feel of that room is on the bolder side of the color combo’s potential. But, this invitation I found relaxes the color combination to its elegant and simple nature. I’m pretty much madly in love with this invitation set and of course wanted to dream up a wedding embodying the essence of it. Here’s what I came up with:







bwblushwedding8Groom/Bride/Invitation Set/Flowers/Bridesmaid/Draping and Ribbon/Table Setting/Iron Bike/Swings/Sorbet/Cake/Cupcakes