Bang Problems


Before moving to Switzerland, I got one last bang trim. And I have let them go as long as I possibly could. But, they’ve reached a length that is just a bit ridiculous to continue wearing them to the front (as you may have noticed in pictures). What you may not know about my bangs is I would have to get them trimmed about every 2-3 weeks. That worked out fine in America. But, I’m terrified of having them cut in a foreign country where I would not be able to explain exactly what I wanted since I barely know the language. Plus, it costs more money here to have them trimmed than in America. SO…I decided to say goodbye for them for just a year. I’m sad to see them go. But, I’m even happier that I can finally SEE again (as you can tell by the confetti)! Yay!


  1. That’s my kinda bangs!! I think I started wearing mine swooshed because of them constantly being too long too. You’re beautiful with or without!

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