Braves Game

I am a huge Red Sox fan, but the Braves have always been my second favorite team. I have lived in Atlanta for most of my life and the Braves were my grandmother’s favorite team! She called them “her boys”. So, for that reason alone…they have a special place in my heart.  (The Red Sox will always be my absolute favorite though.)

Anyway, Friday was my last day in Georgia for a pretty long time and I spent it at Turner Field with Colin and his dad! But, this experience wasn’t just your typical baseball game experience. Colin’s dad works for Suntrust and was able to get tickets in The Suntrust Club seats. Which is located right behind home plate. And they were sweet enough to invite me along!

There was only a net between the players and us. (I kept flinching every time a ball was hit back towards the net…somehow the net didn’t make me feel totally safe from a Drew-Barrymore-Fever-Pitch concussion.)  But, being that close, closer to the field than where we sat at our high school baseball games, was just incredible.

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They had servers that brought you drinks and food per your request.

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And my friend, Ellie, caught us on TV a couple times!

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Even though the Braves lost that game, I had such an amazing time and it was a great way to end my few weeks in Georgia! Thank you Colin and Mr. Szabo for letting me tag along!


  1. Nanny would have loved this!!

  2. auntie joanie :

    Yup, she was sitting right along side you sweet Caroline. You would have thought she had a lil pull :) the hot dog looks amazing. So happy you had a great day.

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