Nanny Diaries: Chipwiches

Homemade Chipwiches are hard to beat! Freshly baked cookies, with icecream in between…are you drooling yet? I am just thinking about them.

Curren was a very good helper…especially at helping me clean the beaters!

Chip 1

Chip 2

Chip 3

Chip 4

Chip 5

Chip 7

Chip 8

Chip 9

Chip 10

Chip 11

Chip 12


Nanny Diaries: The Shipwreck and Life-Saving Museum

Curren is always inclined to learn. He always asks questions the way every little kid does…and he remembers everything you teach him! And I do mean everything. So, this five year old is always begging me to take him to museums. (Sometimes even to see the same museum two days in a row!)

Today, we visited The Shipwreck and Life-Saving Museum. We learned about how islanders would risk their lives in order to save the shipwrecked sailors off of Nantucket’s shores. Curren knew more than I did and even taught me a few things for a change!

Life-Saving Museum 1

Life-Saving Museum 2

Life-Saving Museum 3

Life-Saving Museum 4

Life-Saving Museum 6

Nanny Diaries: Rain, Rain, Go Away…Come Again Another Day

When it rains on Nantucket, there isn’t much you can do with a five year old. So we decided to snuggle up on the couch to watch The Incredibles.

Of course our movie day wouldn’t be complete without some movie theater popcorn and candy!

Movie Day 1

Movie Day 2

Movie Day 3

I don’t want this little one to ever become “too old” to cuddle.