Dinner and A Movie

One of Hannah’s and my favorite thing to do is pick up dinner and watch a movie. The other night, we were trying to decide where to go to dinner…and we just couldn’t make a decision (not that that’s a new thing for us…we usually can never decide!) Our conversation started off the usual way with…


Hannah: Where do you want to go for dinner?

Caroline: I don’t know. Where do you want to go for dinner?

Hannah: I don’t know. All I know is I’m hungry.

Caroline: Me too.


Then, we narrowed down all of our choices to two. We couldn’t decide between Holy Cow, our local burger place (way better than Five Guys or In ‘N Out if I dare say so) or pizza. Super healthy, I know. And then our conversation took a turn and Hannah suggested that we list the pros and cons. It was a brilliant idea because then we would actually be able to make a decision and satisfy our hungry tummies.


Hannah: Okay the pros for burgers: 1. It’s a shorter walk

Caroline: 2. COOP is on the way so we can pick up chocolate for dessert.

Hannah: I have a con…we will eat fries.

Caroline: But, since we are getting take-out…they give us less fries than we would normally eat if we ate there. Pro.

Hannah: Okay 3 pros and 1 con. Now for Pizza.

Caroline: Con 1. We ate there last night.

Hannah: 2. They’ll recognize us.

Caroline: 3. We are probably eating there at group dinner tomorrow.

Hannah: 4. We have to walk up that huge hill. Any pros??

Caroline: Pizza is good.

Hannah: Okay so 3 cons and 1 pro.


That meant burgers for dinner. Well, guess what. We got all the way to Holy Cow and it was closed! Because it was Sunday. Duh (insert facepalm here)…just about everything is closed on Sunday. Luckily, the pizza place wasn’t closed though. So, in the end…we ate at the pizza place 3 nights in a row, they did recognize us, and we had to walk up the major hill. Oh well…can’t win them all!

And then we got home and had to decide on a movie.


Hannah: What movie do you want to watch?

Caroline: I don’t know what do you want to watch?

Hannah: I don’t know.

Caroline: I think I’m feeling like a funny movie.

Hannah: Have you seen Bridesmaids??

Caroline: No, not yet.

Hannah: WHAT?! Not only is it funny…but it’s about weddings! How have you not seen that? Okay we are watching it.


So, we did. We ate our pizza and watched Bridesmaids and had chocolate for dessert. And she was right…it was hilarious and also very quotable in every day life, which gets bonus points in my book!

Despite the hiccups, we still had a fun time!


  1. Linda Wolverton :

    Well done Caroline! I felt like a fly on your wall – you two are hilarious and adorable!! Xo

  2. Wait….no photos?!

    • I know, I know…I hate no photo posts. I completely forgot to take a picture. Oopsies. I’ve got lots of good ones coming!

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