Downyflake Doughnuts with Dad


After our walk this morning with cute little Ivy and our mom, we went on a breakfast date with our dad to Downyflake Doughnuts. Downyflake has always been one of our favorite breakfast places on the island, partly because it feels like a quintessential diner and partly because it has the best blueberry pancakes…even Paula Deen thinks so! But, it’s not just their pancakes that are delicious. We love their omelets and bacon and of course their donuts. I mean anyone who offers a side of a donut instead of toast wins in our book. We used to always ride our bikes down to get a box of donuts with Steve and his sister Samantha when we were little kids. It was our favorite then and our favorite now.




^^As you can tell by their faces, we had very important decisions to make! Do we get the pancakes or the omelets or the donuts or all of the above???



We love you, Downyflake! If you ever find yourself on Nantucket, this place is a must!

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