Edgartown & The Randall – Beltz Wedding

Steve in Edgartown

Edgartown is the town on the Vineyard that is most like Nantucket.  Captain’s houses, white picket fences, brick sidewalks… you get the idea.  The morning before the wedding, Steve and I explored this cute little town.  Steve loves looking at architecture so we weaved through all of the streets and we happened to stumble across my new fav house…

Favorite HouseThe porch, a mojito and me sound like a great combo!

Captain's HousesHouses along North Water Street

Edgartown HarborEdgartown Lighthouse & Harbor

Now it’s off to the Randall – Beltz Wedding!


WeddingEnjoying a Dark & Stormy during cocktail hour!  Here’s the the happy couple!

IMG_3838Amy & Chris named their tables after places that are special to them so we were very curious when we learned that the name of our table was Black Eyed Susans.  Could it be a connection to Nantucket’s Black Eyed Susans??  The table cards had the stories on the back and as it turns out, BES is Chris’s favorite breakfast spot.  He was able to take Amy there when they came to Nantucket in 2011 for our wedding.  We were very touched!

Well… it was another great day OTV!


  1. Can I join you on that porch?! That house is amazing!!

  2. Speaking of porches, Chris has now joined the exclusive “porch” club. Ames and Tor are very discerning and we’re glad to have him!

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