Emily’s 30th Birthday Party

When our mom finally convinced Emily to let us throw her a party, I stopped what I was doing (that silly research paper…it could wait) and began planning! I live for this kind of stuff. I asked if Emily had anything in mind as far as the color scheme and she said she really liked black and white polka dots with maybe a pop of color. So, I took that and ran with it! For the next hour that I procrastinated writing my paper, I found everything we needed…plates, napkins, balloons, cake topper, color coordinated candy, cups for the candy etc. I emailed everything I found over to my mom and she ran around and picked it all up and a couple other finishing touches along the way. She is the best…she taught me everything I know about being a crazy matchy party planner. We had so much fun planning it together for our sweet Emily!





I thought having a photobooth at the party would be so fun so I looked up DIY backdrops on Pinterest and I found this one! So, I asked the best builder in all the world (Steve!) to help me out building the structure. Then, we stuffed away with tissue, set up the camera and voila…a photobooth! It was so fun to see everyone get creative with it and it’s such a fun way to document the party!











^^Yes, that’s a pink and black bow on Ivy!





It was such a group effort to make this party a success! We couldn’t have had that photobooth without Steve, our friend, Julia, brought the photobooth props, our friend, Tom, helped prepare many batches of the Pink and Grey cocktails, and our friend, Annie Banannie, whipped up the most delicious food! Thank you to everyone who helped out and to everyone who came and celebrated Emily! We had so much fun last night.

And to Emily: It’s amazing to me how much you have accomplished before this milestone and I can only imagine what is in store for you during this decade! I hope your 30s bring you so much happiness, success, and some of your best memories! I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday!

P.S. We missed you so much, Allie! Hurry and get your cutie patootie up here!


  1. Love it Caroline!! Miss you lots and lots

  2. What a way to bring in #30…can’t wait to see #40!

  3. Talk about teamwork ,you all should go into business as party throwers looked amazing..Happy recovery day:)

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