Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

About six years ago Allie and I started a gingerbread house decorating contest and we get really really into it! Three years ago we made it an official Christmas Eve tradition and we invited the Hollisters (Steve’s family) to join in. That’s when the bar was raised. Those Hollisters are so creative…I mean Steve brings saws and drills to the event. Here’s how it works: we split up into teams, each team gets a house already built, you take as long as you need decorating, and you can bring any supplies you want! The teams are: The wives (my mom, Steve’s mom, and Emily), the sisters (Allie and I), the siblings (Steve and Samantha), and the dads (my dad and Steve’s dad). This year the dads owned all of us…watch the video below to see how they did it!

**The song is Oh Santa by Mariah Carey. Because we can’t help but break out dancing every time we hear this Christmas song!



  1. When Bill & Steve left I started laughing, when they came back with the beautiful church I really cracked up.Way to win the mirror ball trophy guys… Well done. Ladies ( and Steve ) outstanding as well I love seeing them every year. Great tradition ,thanks for the cute video.loved it!!!

  2. Did the dads honestly make and decorate that??

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