Happy 1st Birthday Ivy!

Ivy'sBirthday1Oh little Ivy girl!  You are one year old today!!  Do you even know it?  Maybe the steak for breakfast might have tipped you off?  Or maybe the fact the I made you pose with a stupid crown on your head? (Stayyy…. Look!!!)  Nevertheless, it is a special day because you made this past year a great one.


I know it has been a big year for you –  lots of training, learning tricks, exploring Nantucket, making friends and being the best buddy Steve & I could ask for.  But it has also been a big year for me too!  You are my first pet!  I had no idea how much love I had to give.  When we first brought you home, I would cry just looking at you because you were so sweet and I was so happy you were a part of our family.  I especially love when you bomb down the stairs and are so excited to see us every time we walk through the door.  There isn’t a better feeling than that!IvyBirthday5

I also had to learn how to train you!!  You are a very good pup so you made it easy on me.  But those times that I had to be stern were pretty hard on me!! I know I need to toughen up.  We take a big walk every single day.  These walks have become just as important to me as they are to you.  The fresh air, the exercise and exploring new parts of the island are good for both of us!IvyBirthday4Ivy, you are the best! Happy Birthday my sweet little pup!! We love you!! ivybirthday

OK, enough with the mushy gushy!!  I need to tell you about the very exciting Ivy adventure we had today!! While walking in the moors with Patty, Allie & Caroline we heard a strange little animal noise… We all stopped and started searching.  It took awhile, but just off the side of the path underneath some leaves we found a little kitten!!ivysbirthday6Poor little thing out there all by itself!!  So we scooped it up and made our way to the Offshore Animal Hospital.ivybirthday7On our way there we picked out names… naturally.  Gloria if it was a girl (after Gloria Gaynor’s song “I Will Survive”) and Frankie (after Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra) if it was a boy.ivybirthday8Well it’s a boy!  Frankie is now in good hands.  ivybirthday9We will check in with the vet tomorrow – follow me on Twitter for updates!



  1. I love this whole post. It brought happy tears to my eyes.
    I don’t know what I would do without my furry kids.
    Happy Birthday Ivy!!! You picked the perfect family!

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