Hello Spring

Happy first day of spring! I love, love, love winter…but I am so ready for spring! The weather here has been a bit ugly with lots of grey, fog, and cold breezes. But, the sun managed to break through today for this lovely occasion and it feels so good! I am ready for dresses and skirts, and flowers everywhere. So, hopefully the sunny weather sticks around for good so I can unpack the suitcase under my bed of spring/summer clothes and pack my winter clothes away. Until then, here are a few pictures that have helped me get excited for the spring that is, hopefully, here to stay!

Hello Spring 1

Hello Spring 3

Hello Spring 5

Hello Spring 2

Hello Spring 4

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P.S. A lady bug landed on me today…I am hoping that means it really is here today! Happy Spring to each and every one of you. I hope you’re as excited as I am!


  1. Such a cute post, Caroline! I am SO ready for spring! xo

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