How-To: Party Banner


A couple people during the party asked me how I made the “Happy Birthday Emily” banner. My mom taught me how to make this several years ago and we usually make one for every party we have! It’s pretty easy, but it does take a little while. And for this particular banner…my mom made it all by herself because her helpful hand (me) accidentally passed out around 7pm because of that darn jet lag. (Sorry, Mom!) Anyway, we put together a how-to so you can make one of these banners too!

Here are the supplies you need:


STEP 1 is to go shopping! The circle cutterthe mat, the ribbon, construction paper and the letters can all be found at Michaels. And the scalloped-edge circles can be found on Etsy.


Cut out one 7-inch circle per letter. Push down hard on the center of the circle cutter to hold the paper in place and the push down on the blade and hold it down while swinging the blade around to make a full circle.


Use double-sided tape to stick the scalloped edge circle in the center of the circles you just cut out of the construction paper.


Glue the back of the letters and paste them onto the center of the scalloped-edge circle.


Using the X Acto Knife slice a straight line just wide enough to fit the ribbon through on both edges of the circle. Then, thread the ribbon down through the slice on the left and up through the slice on the right so that the ribbon goes behind the circle and not across the front of it.


Then, repeat for each letter, stringing them on in order to make your word. Use a new piece of ribbon for each word. Then, place one word on the wall at a time so that you can accurately space and center the words. We used packing tape to stick it to the wall. And voila…you’re all done and ready to party!

You can have the banner say anything you want. It doesn’t just have to be for birthdays. I made a “Happy Mothers Day” banner a couple years ago, you could make one with your baby’s name on it to hang in his or her nursery, at my graduation party it said “Pepperdine Bound”! Get creative with it and have fun!


  1. Just a side note…..a better option for the circles might be to use scrapbooking paper or card stock instead of construction paper. :)

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