I Have A Problem

I won’t use anything I think is too cute due to a fear of wasting it…like these adorable notebooks that I’ve had for months and months.


Instead of writing in them…I either just let them sit there and look pretty (like the two unpackaged ones) or I just stick post-its on the pages inside. Now, why would I do that? Because I can easily take the post-its out if I decide they aren’t worthy for my cute notebook and reuse the same page. But if I write in it, then that page is done for. There is no going back.

I finally realized that I am crazy. And that there is no point living my life in fear of this! So, I came up with a better idea. I have decided to stop worrying about whether or not what I’m using the pages for is a waste. Because if the worst-case scenario is that I use up all the pages, then I have an excuse to go buy another cute notebook! So, that works for me.

Problem Solved.


  1. Natalie Marie :

    Its about time you start using those up!!! Hopefully you will get inspired for new blog posts! Love ya!

  2. Caroline, I gave you that notebook ages ago! It’s time to use it!

    • I know, I know. For my birthday last year. The blue one is from spring break last year. They’re just too cute! But, you’re right…it’s time!

  3. I love a great notebook and beautiful writing utensils…I understand your concern. Have you ever checked out Christian LaCroix Paperie? Oh my goodness, to die for!

  4. I have a problem, too……Yoforia.

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