Ice Skating

The day after Thanksgiving is one of my favorites because it’s the first day that I allow all things Christmas to be celebrated! I’m a firm believer in giving Thanksgiving the honor it deserves…it has feelings too, you know! And I don’t like making it feel left out. So, yesterday…the Christmas music began playing (and won’t be turned off until the season is over), I wore my Christmas socks, it snowed… AND yesterday was our last day of classes of the semester (!!!) so when the last class of the day let out at 6:30, we all bundled up and headed on down to the city’s ice-skating rink to celebrate!!


The first ice-skate of the season is always a bit shaky for everyone (except for our director, who used to be a hockey player). It takes me a couple times around staying near the edge of the rink to get used to it. But, then I can move away from the edge and pretend I kinda sorta know what I’m doing out in the middle of the ice. Hannah was nervous and everyone gave her a hard time because “the girl from Canada didn’t even know how to ice-skate”…poor thing! But, guess what…she was able to skate for a little by herself without holding hands with the wall or a friend! And I got pictures to prove it. I’m so proud. Oh and neither of us fell…so I’d say it was a pretty successful night!











^^She’s doing it, she’s doing it!!!




  1. Oh yeah baby, I lived on Ices when I was a kid in Minnesota. You all look like you were having the best time, great job Hannah !!

  2. Linda Wolverton :

    Adorable! Taking Hannah to skating lessons when she was 5 was like pulling teeth! She hated every minute of it! Thanks for sharing. Xo and Merry Christmas!

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