I’m 30!

I had a very happy birthday.  I was surrounded by my family and friends – THE  most thoughtful, sweet and generous people around.  It was a night full of love, laughs, delicious bites, Pink & Grays and photo booth fun.  Thank you everyone for coming out in the snow storm to celebrate with me!  My heart is full.
A special thank you to my Mom for always throwing us the best birthday parties and for coming up with the cutest party decor!  To her partner in crime, Caroline, who helped with the vision.  Your attention to details and execution is going to serve you well ;) Dad, thank you for putting up with our love for entertaining!  To my Allie, you were there in spirit!
Miss Annie, you came all the way from Boston to whip up the most scrumptious bites for all of us to enjoy – all that for me?!  To Steve, who built that photo booth and squeezed all the grapefruits (37) for the Pink & Grays.  To Diane, it was so sweet of you to bring the cheese and veggie platters – no party is complete without them!  To Jen, for bringing your fab shrimp app! To Tim, you officially make the best party playlists ever!  To Tom, who stepped off the ferry and jumped right in to helped with the last dash preparations!  And to Miss Julia, thank you for suppling the best photo booth props!
30.  I think that means that I am officially a grown up?  Everyone keeps saying that 30 is the best decade – My 20’s were pretty wonderful so I am excited to see what my 30s have in store for me!
Now it’s time for the moment of truth – the final review of the 30 things to do before I’m 30.
Well friends, I wish I could say to you today that I checked everything off.  But alas, there are still a few things left to do.    The last month of my 20s was super hectic.  Thanksgiving, Stroll, holiday parties, Christmas preparations etc etc and I just couldn’t get it all done.  One thing my 20s did teach me was that life happens – you have to welcome it and be ok with it.  No matter how long your To Do list is, your day can’t only be about checking everything off.  While my personality is constantly fighting this, I work everyday to be better about accepting it.  So if I want to sit on the floor and cuddle my cute puppy for an hour, for goodness sake I am going to do it!  BUT I will say, that by making this list, I accomplished many more of the things that I’ve been wanting to do than I would have had I not written a list.  So I would encourage all of you to make one of your own!! And please share it with me!!  I plan to finish my list so I will keep you all informed :)
Note: A few of  my things, like #28 – really learn to surf and #19 – be better about saving money, won’t ever get checked off because they are ongoing goals of mine.
1. Launch the Milly & Grace online store! 
2. Host a beach BBQ. 
3. Bake a pie from scratch.  
4. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
5. Clean out my closet.
6. Learn to grill 
7. Continue our Hollister tradition for the 3rd year in a row – The Nantucket Stay-cation!
8. Write a “just because” handwritten note every week. 
9. Get a puppy! 
10. Visit the “other” island- Martha’s Vineyard!
11. Read the Great Gatsby
12. Start practicing yoga again.
13. Pay for the coffee for person in line behind me.
14. Go strawberry picking at Bartlett Farm.
15. Send someone flowers. 
16. Create my own cocktail! 
17. Visit Tuckernuck 
18. Participate in a workshop to help me become a better blogger.
19.  Be better about saving my money! 
20. Roast a chicken.
21. Try paddle boarding
22. Watch Casablanca.
23. Go skinny dipping!
24. Break my magazine hoarding habit.
25. Organize all my recipes.
26. Find the Hidden Forest out here on Nantucket!
27. Get a massage. (Or 2 or 3)
28. Really learn to surf – Actually catch a wave without Steve’s help!
29. Connect with and commit to a non profit organization that really matters to me. 
30. Enjoy the sunrise & sunset all in the same day.
Now that I’m 30, does this mean I need to start working on my 40 before 40 list?  Ahhhh!!!!

 Me at my 3rd and my 30th birthday parties. 3 -30


  1. Way to go Emily! xo

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