Little Shirleys

What’s a Little Shirley??  It’s a sweet little vase named after the artist’s grandmother. Sounds like a perfect fit for Milly & Grace!  They come in a bunch of beautiful colors and they will be available this Spring!  Here’s the story behind the Little Shirley… littleshirleysMeet Lauren!  The adorable artist and owner of Material Good, the company that makes the Little Shirleys.  A few years back, her grandmother, Shirley, was diagnosed with cancer.  To honor her, Lauren wanted to do something to help give back to cancer research.  Her mother owned a flower shop and so Lauren decided to make little vases to sell at the shop and the proceeds would go to the cause.  She believed that by selling a tangible gift people would feel more connected to the cause.  Lauren’s mother donated a flower to be sold with each vase and they started selling like hotcakes!  It’s the perfect hostess gift and a sweet little something to brighten someone’s day.  Blown away by it’s success, Lauren decided to make a career out of it and so began Material Good!  Lauren is just the sweetest and is so happy to be doing what she loves.  She said that her employees are all her friends and they roller-skate in the studio!  They also have pancake Fridays.  Umm.. The Milly & Grace Girls need to take a page out of her book!
Emily & Lauren Her website is super cute too: materialgoodNext time you need a hostess gift, a birthday gift or a teacher gift, think of a Little Shirley!  It’s a gift that gives back.  And who can say no to that??!!


  1. I’ll bring my skates and the pancake syrup

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