Merry Christmas Eve

Since we have been spending our Christmases on Nantucket, we have made it a tradition to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve! There are so many amazing restaurants on Nantucket…you’d be crazy not to take advantage of them. This year we chose the lovely Pazzo. The inside of the restaurant feels as though you are in the comfort of your own home and the food is just divine. It was perfect for our Christmas Eve dinner.  And ever since Emily and Steve got married, we have also made a tradition of spending both Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas dinner with Steve’s family too! Our families feel so lucky to be as close as we are.  These holidays wouldn’t be the same without them now.

Christmas Eve 1

Christmas Eve 2

Christmas Eve 3

Christmas Eve 4

Christmas Eve 5

Christmas Eve 6

Christmas Eve 7

Merry Christmas Eve from my family to yours!

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