Milly & Grace Happenings!

When I opened up Milly & Grace, I surprised myself at how much I love the creative side of the job.  My background and education had been more “business/numbers focused”.  I knew I would enjoy the buying & the book keeping side of the job,  but what I find most fulfilling is merchandising! Some people paint, some write… I move clothes around.  So, more often than not I like to switch things up and move merchandise around.  This past week I was inspired to change up the clothing!!

Here is a quick peek of the newly merchandised clothes:

photo 4-1

^^We’re getting ready for the 4th of July!


^^We have lots of fun bright colors, which are so perfect for summer!

photo 2

^^We got in more Ruana colors!!

photo 4-2

Soft Colors

^^But, don’t worry, we still have lots of pieces in a soft color palette too!

photo 3

^^And NEW up at the register are these cute hair ties handmade by one of our cutest customers, Caroline.  You know how most of these hair ties have frayed edges after a couple uses?? Well, Caroline made sure to finish off every one so fraying wouldn’t happen!

We hope you’ll stop by to say hi and see the new changes in person!


  1. Emmy, you are amazing at what you do! So proud!

  2. the pic of the ruana’s looks AMAZBALLS!!!!!

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